Idyllic Lakefront Country House, Beautiful Log Homes Designs

log homes designs, interior decorating ideas

Log home bedroom design with ceiling logs and wooden walls


This beautiful log house is a lakefront idyll in the forest. The farmhouse provides a spectacular, peaceful and pleasant retreat on a picturesque lake with waterfalls. The scene is idyllic and the log home design is impressive, blending the natural splendor with stylish living spaces, perfect for anyone. Lushome presents this gorgeous log home design by Dan Joseph Architects.

The log home design is large and rustic, but interiors are charming and elegant. The amazing log home design blends gorgeous textures of rustic wood with comfortable interior design and decorating. Built the lake, the country house offers luxurious and unique interiors for ultimate relaxation and connection with the nature.

Log homes designs seduce by offering unmatchable lifestyle, perfect for all who want to hide from the busy city life. This log home features 180 square meters of living area with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a stable.

Log homes designs, beautiful homes for unmatchable lifestyle

Unique log home where rustic wood decorating ideas meet modern interior design

Logs for home decorating, unique furniture and yard decorations

Log home design and interior decorating

Lakefront log house design

Its huge log posts are stunning, adding unique character to house exterior design. Log home interiors look unusual and spectacular with exposed ceiling logs, wooden floors and room furniture.

Modern interior design and decorating are created with natural materials which increase an amazing effect of an eco home. Natural wood and stone, glass and decorative fabrics made with natural fibers create bright and comfortable rooms .

Log homes designs, living room with stone fireplace


Modern interior design and decorating with a rustic vibe and natural room colors perfectly match the texture of logs and trees surrounded the house. Comfortable living room furniture invites to enjoy the traditional stone fireplace. A small kitchen and dining room are very functional and inviting also.

Unique small log home design

Log furniture and decor accessories

Unique log house design, hand built eco home

A game room with a nice sitting area offer lots of fun, while cozy bedrooms promise good sleep in the rooms with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Small kitchen design with exposed ceiling logs and wooden cabinets
Kitchen and dining room
Bathroom design and decorating
Game room with pool tables and huge log posts
Bedroom furniture and decorating ideas
Log home bedroom design with ceiling logs and wooden walls

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