Modern Thanksgiving Table Decoration, 25 Inspiring Fall Table Setting Ideas

pumpkins table centerpiece idea
Pumpkins in orange and white colors, Thanksgiving table decorations



Thanksgiving is a fabulous time in the fall when the whole family gathers at the table. A beautiful table decoration sets the festive mood and makes the holiday warm and memorable. Here is the Lushome collection of modern Thanksgiving table decorations that are elegant and sleek. These holiday table setting ideas allow choosing the style that fits your taste and demonstrates a more modern approach to creating bold and beautiful holiday tables.

Wooden accents, fruits, vegetables, and greenery are mistake-proof ideas for spectacular Thanksgiving table decoration. You can not go wrong with nature-inspired and fall-harvest themes. Golden accents and black metal items, mixed with lanterns, convey a stylish feel but add a contemporary vibe to festive and modern Thanksgiving tables.

How to create spectacular Thanksgiving table decor

Golden accents for dazzling Thanksgiving table decoration

Fall decorating, 15 Thanksgiving table setting ideas

Thanksgiving table decoration

Holiday table setting in green and purple colors

Simplicity and elegance make holiday tables look effortlessly classy. An abundance of greenery, colored glass, and fall colors add a vibrant decorative touch to the holiday table setting with complementing golden accents and warm items made of wood.

Timelessly modern Thanksgiving table decoration ideas

Hypnotizing candles and natural accents for Thanksgiving table decoration in eco style

Gorgeous fall table decorations, modern Thanksgiving ideas

Fall colors

White, black, and gray color tones are beautiful choices for modern holiday tables. You can add traditional fall colors, yellows, burgundy, oranges, and copper shades, to your table setting color scheme. A rich decorative touch of warm fall colors adds chic to autumn table decor and beautifies sophisticated table settings in neutral colors.

Traditional greenery and apple colors for fall holiday tables

If you love the look of traditional table decorations in rich fall colors, add surprising details to your table setting. Industrial-style lighting, chairs, and lanterns, mixed with conventional Thanksgiving decorating ideas, will amaze and delight your family and friends.

Modern tableware with golden accents, festive fall table setting idea

Neutral color schemes with golden accents

A traditional orange color looks fabulous with neutral colors and modern golden accents. Warm fall colors help to find a way to mix new and classic and bring a festive spirit to the table decoration. Neutrals and gold create a beautiful and modern color scheme for Thanksgiving tables. Golden accents are stylish, warm, and elegant. The combination of light gray and white brings a contemporary note to the holiday tables. The white pumpkins follow modern table decor ideas that remain neutral and elegant.

Floral table centerpieces with burlap

Elegant table decorations

Simplified and sophisticated table decorations bring a contemporary vibe and keep the setting looking festive. Traditional pumpkins, decorative candles, dried flowers, and branches enhance the festive spirit of Thanksgiving.

Fall flower centerpieces, golden candle holders, natural materials, white-burgundy color scheme

Table centerpieces

Flower arrangements, apples, and citrus table centerpieces are modern ideas for decorating fall tables. A fruit on every plate and a central arrangement with greenery, seasonal fruits, and vegetables add a beautiful decorative touch to Thanksgiving tablescape.

Candles and fried flowers
Pumpkins in orange and white colors, Thanksgiving table decorations

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