Small Wooden House Design, Log Home by Henry Yorke Mann

log cabin with stone fireplace skylights and large wood ceiling beams

Small log cabin with unique architectural design

The Totems  designed by architect Henry Yorke Mann is a small log cabin with an almost mystical quality, charming look and cozy feel. Lushome presents this unique and beautiful small home built in Canada. It has 400 sq ft of living area plus a sleeping loft. This modern house is located on a man-made small pond surrounded by mysterious forest.

The small home is set among mature trees and the tranquil water of a man-made pond to create a fairy tale like atmosphere. Its roof design is charming. The log cabin roof is carried by massive abstracted totem pole figures intended to tribute to the spirit of the forest. Architect Henry Yorke Mann designed this small cabin as a guesthouse on their heavily-wooded 10 acre property in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

The totems reference the traditional plank houses used by the Haida and other northern Pacific Coast native tribes. The log cabin is symmetrical and feature a central hearth to add cozy, warm and inviting feel to the living area. The small house has walls are built of logs, the roof consists of thick cedar planks and is carried by several long beams running the length of the cabin.

Log homes designs, beautiful modern houses for unmatchable lifestyle

Small log cabin with unique design

Small log cabin with unique architectural design

The Totems log walls allowed the architect to insert strips of glass between the beams and the walls, bringing natural light into modern interior design and creating a spectacular effect of a floating roof design.

The walls are constructed from 12″ by 12″ cedar timbers with dovetailed corners. The gable walls are mostly glass, with doors and windows fitted between the cedar posts of the totems.

Modern log cabin with stone fireplace skylights and wood ceiling beams

This modern small house design creates 400 sq ft (37.2 sq m) of beautiful and comfortable living area.  The granite fireplace separates the living and dining area from the kitchen and bathroom that are located in the back corners of this small home.

Unique log home where modern interior design meets rustic wood decor

Unique log house design, hand-built log home for Green living

An alternating tread staircase design adds character to the modern house. The wood stairs lead to a small sleeping loft with an amazing view of the night sky through skylights that provide an amazing experience.

Loft bedroom with skylights

Once the small cabin was complete, the owners loved staying there so much that they decided to live there full-time, downsizing from a 5,000 sq ft house.

Unique wooden staircase design

  by Ena Russ   

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