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Homemade Halloween decorations, , traditional pumpkin Halloween lanterns


The history of Halloween holiday goes back to pre-Christian times, when the lands of Ireland, Northern France and England were inhabited by Celtic tribes. The history of Halloween decorations and modern Halloween decorating ideas, like costumes, pumpkin lanterns, bonfires, frightening tales about ghosts and bats, have deep roots in the history of Celts, Celtic festival of Samhain and Christian All Saint’s Day.

Celtic year consisted of two parts, summer and winter. Celts celebrated the transition from one season to another at the end of harvesting. The history of Halloween decorating ideas are connected to Celtic traditions. Modern costumes and Halloween party decorations are the symbols of beginning of the winter season, like it was in pre-Christian times.

Easy to make ghosts, traditional Halloween home decorating ideas, homemade Halloween decorations, white and black home decorating ideas

The history of Halloween holiday has the strong connection with All Saint’s Day, which is the Christian holiday, the Feast of All Souls’ Day. Masks, ghosts and Halloween pumpkin lanterns are bath attractive simple fall decorations and the elements of the fundamental Christian belief that there is a prayerful spiritual communion between those in the state of grace who have died and are either being purified in purgatory or are in heaven and all believers who are alive.

Halloween decorating ideas, ghosts, homemade Halloween decorations

Today easy to make, cheap and high impact home decorating ideas for Halloween, scary masks, ghosts and bats Halloween decorations are inspired by the night between October 31st and the 1st of November, when, according to the legend, the gates that separate two worlds, the living and the dead, open. The night was called Samhain and was the main holiday for Celts.

Homemade Halloween decorations, home decorating ideas with black bats

Celtic pagans in order not to fall prey to the shadows of dead people, dressed in animal skins and masks, quenched hearths in their homes and deterred ghosts in darkness.

White, black and pumpkin orange home decorating ideas, scary ghosts and bats Halloween decorations, darkness, masks, costumes and pumpkin Halloween lanterns came from that night, when people got together around bonfires, which were bred by Celtic priests druids.

The history of Halloween traditions, Celtic bonfire

That night was the time of sacrificing animals, predictions, ghosts and lighting the winter hearth. Modern Halloween decorating ideas, especially Halloween pumpkin lanterns, are the symbols that bring the sacred flame into the house before winter cold comes.

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Homemade Halloween decorations, , traditional home decorating ideas, pumpkin Halloween lanterns, orange and black home decorating ideas

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