Green House Design by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects, Modern Houses

glass walls and sliding glass door

Glass wals and sliding glass dors with curtains, low energy modern house design


Green building design ideas save water and energy, providing comfortable and beautiful modern homes for pleasant and green living. The low energy house design by Steimetz De Meyer Architects is an attractive, single-family modern house in Luxembourg.

A large house, designed by Steinmetz De Meyer Architects, features five bedrooms and an outdoor swimming pool. The living space of the house are changing according to seasons and ways of life, providing a comfortable and functional home with light decor that feels welcoming and relaxing.

The principles of low energy construction and white decorating ideas were integrated into this green building composition, which optimizes the openings to the south and west, creating bright and airy rooms and optimistic atmosphere in the house.

Garden house design from Fritz Eisenhofer, green ideas fr eco homes

Eco friendly green building with old empty bottles

Glass walls and sliding glass doors with curtains, low energy modern house design

Green design description from the architects

This single-family house with three facades and five bedrooms is the result of an optimization of areas and volume of living space according to the town-planning specifications in this housing district of Luxembourg City dominated by inter-connected houses.

This lead to a complex massing characterized by cantilevers and large recesses acting as generators of the architectural form. Displayed as white volumes extended by strong horizontal and vertical lines, the composition appears very geometric, while drawing an elegant flowing from the ground to the roof top. Very expressive, the cornice becomes the element of integration to the architectural typology of the street and the neighboring houses.

Spacious house design with a backyard pool, wooden floor and white decorating ideas

These lines and volumes are more than parts of the facade conception. The 3-dimensional composition as well as the repartition of the voids and masses invite the eyes to wander all over the building comprehended as the whole.

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In the same way, the different internal spaces overlap: i.e. between circulation and living spaces, or between the different levels. The double height of the dining room connects the living areas of the ground floor to the study in the mezzanine and the parental suite on the first floor.

Modern house exterior and backyard design

These facade and indoor interactions are completed by outdoor connections with the green spaces – terrace, garden and pool – thanks to large span glass openings.

An outside courtyard on the ground floor, laid out between the dining room and the living room, generates a very strong interpenetration between inside and outside: the garden with its swimming pool and the wooden decks get into the house!

Sustainable architectural design for urban serene lifestyle

Green roof, sstainable architecture and rooftop gardens

This courtyard encircled by a portico and fitted with a velum is experienced, depending whether the large sliding windows are open or closed, as an outdoor space being part of the garden, or as an indoor space being part of the house.

The space of the house itself and the noblest living spaces are changing according to seasons and ways of life.

Black and white decorating ideas, contemporary living room design with a fireplace with book shelves

Once again it is the drawings of the lines and the white volumes that confer coherence to these complex and mixed areas of the house and its garden.

A special attention should be paid the principles of low energy construction that could be integrated to this complex and daring volumetric composition, which optimizes the openings to the south and west, and favors a more massive composition to the north and east , while giving a today’s coherent and relevant impression.

  by Ena Russ   

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