Granite Tops, Trends in Table Tops, Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

natural stone and manmade stone tops for dining furniture, bathroom and kitchen countertops


Granite table tops are ideal for beautiful, functional and rich design. Granite is a wonderful interior design material. It is eco friendly and natural, practical and very attractive. Lushome shares a collection of ideas for granite table tops, bathroom and kitchen countertops made with this timelessly elegant and modern design material, and includes natural granite and man-made stone designs.

Granite table tops look luxurious and impressive. Dining tables, side tables, console tables and coffee tables with granite tops add chic and style to modern interior design or emphasize unique charm of home furnishings in vintage style. Granite table tops are about elegance and sophistication.

Granite bathroom and kitchen countertops are not only stylish, but also durable and practical. Granite provides attractive surfaces that are available in various colors and suitable for all interior styles. When it comes to granite kitchen countertops dark colors look absolutely stunning in bright modern kitchens in contemporary or vintage style.

40 modern ideas for your kitchen countertops

Granite tops and modern interior design ideas

Round table with stone top in black and white with butterflies decorations

A combination of granite countertop dining table and simple beach house or country home decorating style gives luxury to modern interior design. Contemporary interiors and vintage furniture with granite tops look spectacular and amazing.

Granite table tops, bathroom and kitchen countertops can be made in various shapes. Round tables, oval, square or rectangular dining tables with granite tops are great pieces of furniture that add chic accents to modern interior design.

Contemporary table in unusual shape

Granite table tops, bathroom and kitchen caountertops are beautiful and versatile. These surfaces suit large and small rooms, and even make small spaces look dramatic and modern attractive. Granite bathroom and kitchen countertops are low maintenance choices for practical and decorative interior design.

Modern kitchen countertop materials and kitchen ideas

Granite countertops adding practical chic to modern kitchen design

Soft  ivory-colored surfaces and granite tops in gray color blend perfectly with metal parts of bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. Granite countertops enhance interior design that integrate wood furniture and comfortable brown colors. Granite, metal, glass and wood, as well as concrete and brick can be combined to create fabulous, harmonious and bright modern interiors.

Modern bathroom design with stone countertops, walls and floor

Granite bathroom and kitchen countertops may look cool, but wood furniture and brown colors balance modern interior design by adding warmth and comfort. Even room furniture pieces that are a combine of granite with wood look very inviting and pleasant.

Popular kitchen countertop materials and modern kitchen design trends

15 modern bathroom design trends blending comfort and beautiful materials

Modern granite countertops can combine granite pieces in different colors, blending patterns and color shades into beautiful bathroom and kitchen countertops. A table top can be made with granite in one color, but its legs or frame can be made with granite pieces in a contrasting or monochromatic color.

Contemporary dining furniture

Manmade stone designs allow great flexibility in furniture design and interior decorating. Manmade stone table tops, bathroom and kitchen countertops can be combined with LED lighting, glass elements, various intricate details and unique forms that add a contemporary vibe to modern stone tops and the entire interior design.

Granite table top, upholstered wooden chairs, dining furniture

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