Geometric Shapes and Supermatism Ideas in Modern Design and Decor

modern interiors, room furniture, artworks, paintings and decor accessories in suprematist style

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Supermatism is one of the most unique and bold modern interior design trends. Inspired by supermatist art, modern interior design and decor ideas transform rooms with simple geometric shapes and forms, contrasts of neutral colors and colorful paintings.  Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design and decor photographs showing how suprematist art is taking to another level in contemporary room design and decorating.

Suprematist interior design and decor is inspired by appeared in the early twentieth century artworks by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. Suprematist interior design and decor ideas are a blend of color and geometry, when the color is transmitted through the simple and familiar geometric images on walls, paintings, room furniture and accessories.

Suprematist interior design and decor are dynamic and impressive. All home furnishings and architectural designs connect, dancing with the color. Malevich used a limited range of neutral colors and red colors. Gray color tones, black and white decorating ideas with red color accents are excellent color combinations for modern interior design and decor in supermatist style.

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Modern interior design and decor in supermatist style

Modern interior design and decor in suprematist style, square shapes and bright color design

Black is a particular great color for design and decorating, which allow to blend the absolute with novel and innovative room design and decorating solutions. The color and form are the key factors in creating modern interior design and decor supermatist style.

Artworks are precious details that create this unique and expensive interior design style. That is why suprematism is rare interior design and decor style. However, some room design and decorating ideas, adjusted to modern interiors, can brighten up living spaces and create fabulous office designs.

Living room furniture in square shapes and neutral colors

Well-known, popular and successful interior designer Zaha Hadid knows how to combine post-modernist and contemporary design ideas. Modern interior design and decor with accents in supermatist style looks spectacular and amazing.

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Geometric shapes

Colorful geometric shapes, living room furniture and floor carpet

The simplicity of geometric shapes, forms and patterns is a wonderful secret of creating beautiful rooms in suprematism. Strict silhouettes, straight lines, geometric shapes and forms create modern interior design and decor which is always interesting and surprising. Neutral colors and red colors, used as accents, combined with geometric shapes and forms add versatility to modern interior design and decor ideas. Cabinets, wall shelves and storage units, created with rectangles and squares suit many decor styles and tastes.

Unique interior design and decor creating movement with neutral color contrasts

White decorating ideas

White decorating ideas are a wonderful way to create basic backgrounds for fascinating artworks by adding room furniture and decor accessories in contrasting dark neutral colors and red accents. White decorating ideas, especially white walls and ceiling designs,  give a great feeling of lightness and enhance the look of paintings, room furniture and decor accessories in vivid colors, like yellow, orange and red colors.

White decorating ideas and colorful accents, paintings and decorations

Open plan interior design

Open floor plan and white decorating ideas can transform even small rooms into bright and spacious living spaces. Architectural designs and wall decor in contrasting neutral colors allow to bring dynamic energy and a sense of movement into modern interiors in supermatist style.

Open plan interior design emphasizing simple geometric shapes

Cube storage furniture

Cube storage furniture, cabinets, shelves and storage units with cube modules are ideal for interior design and decorating in supermatist style. The effect canbe increase by adding painting, wood artworks and bright accents in cubical or prism forms and square or rectangular shapes.

Cube storage furniture, living room design and decor in neutral colors with orange accents

Interior colors

Modern interior design colors include lots of traditional bright room colors and neon hues. Pink, orange, green, yellow and red colors create gorgeous colorful squares bringing incredible beauty and style into modern interior design and decor.

Contemporary kitchen design and decor ideas, wall painting in supermatist style

Suprematism is the very interesting, surprising and distinctive interior design and decor trend. These room design and decorating ideas can transform any space into bright, stylish and personal, creating beautiful, comfortable and cozy living spaces with a character.

Contemporary room design, geometric furniture and accent wall in green color

  by Ena Russ   

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