Geometric Clothes Storage Racks from Canadian Designers

simple cloth storage rack


These unique and surprising clothes storage racks are created by a design firm +tongtong, based in Toronto, Canada. The company develops dynamic objects for people, offering unexpected and innovative items for interior decorating that create phenomenal experiences and enrich modern interior design.

The geometric garment rack design ideas explore a meaningful relationship between people and innovative, unusual but functional decor. The storage racks, designed by +tongtong, are shaped like crystals and feature a simple frame in contemporary style, showing a way to bring the geometric trend into decorating in minimalist style. These a bit extravagant and elegant storage racks are available from Les Ailes Noires shop in Toronto.

+tongtong is directed by founder John Tong, an architect, designer and leader. John and his team create amazing objects for modern interior design with a contemporary flavor, celebrating people and decorating in minimalist style.

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Creative clothes storage racks bringing the geometric trend into decorating

The simplicity and elegance, functionality and inexpensive design are blended into attractive and dynamic garment racks, perfect for creating impressive entryway design or for new clothes presentation in a gorgeous and stylish boutique.

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