Wood Furniture CL Collection by ARCA, Unique Furniture Design Idea

coat rack made of wood

Coat rack made with straight and bend wood pieces, contemporary furniture design


A wood furniture collection from French firm ARCA looks unusual, unique and interesting. Designers Erick Demeyer and Steven Leprize developed the collection of wood furniture CL, inspired by a 90 degree bend, which became the signature element for these contemporary furniture designs.

Straight and bend elements, long and short wooden pieces interweave into amazing furniture designs that look like puzzle pieces,bring pleasant natural wood colors into modern homes and give a dynamic feel to the entire room.

This collection of contemporary furniture from ARCA, www.arca-home.com/ is designed in collaboration with designers Camille Angibaud and Jorg Guessner and offers dramatic contemporary pieces that make a strong statement.

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Wood furniture made of straight and bend elements

Coat rack made with straight and bend wood pieces, contemporary furniture design

Each item is unique and interesting. Shelving units and racks, contemporary floor lamps and wall shelves, table lamps and coffee tables make room decor unusual, extravagant and impressive.

Various combinations of straight and bend elements can create the enormous number of different furniture items, which add unique design, warm texture and natural color tones of wood to interior decorating.

Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base, unique furniture design from ARCA

The combination of straight and bend elements create interesting designs, perfect furniture for corners, offering attractive and stylish space saving solutions for small rooms.

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ARCA wood furniture designs

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