Fence Design Ideas, Beautiful Architectural Structures for Modern Houses

fence design various materials
Attractive fence design blending concrete flocks and metal works


Fence design evolved from traditional wood or stone structures to beautiful home decorations with few materials arranged in unique details. White-painted wooden fences are timeless classics, but modern fence design ideas bring fantastic opportunities to personalize outdoor home spaces and add gorgeous accents to front yard landscaping.

If you are looking for original fence design or appreciate creative design ideas, here is the Lushome collection of beautiful fences to inspire you. Wood, metal, concrete, rocks, and artificial materials create elegant and unique fence designs.

Spectacular Green fence designs and yard landscaping ideas

Beautiful fence design ideas

Modern driveway fences, functional architectural designs

Recycling plastic and glass for unique fence designs

Colorful painting ideas for fences

Modern fences

Attractive, classy fence design, painted white wood, beautiful details

Wrought iron fences feature bespoke designs. Metal and concrete fences are long-lasting and give a contemporary look to modern houses. Wooden fences add a warm, informal feel to architectural structures and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Unique fence design with stones and wrought iron details
Corten steel fence, decorative metal structure
Unique fence design and front yard landscaping in the mid-century modern style
Wooden fence with tree trunks, original design idea
Shiny metal fence with laser cutouts, contemporary design
Attractive fence design blending concrete flocks and metal works

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