Beautiful Fence Designs Blending Various Materials for Unique, Modern Walls

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Original wooden fence


Fences are traditional designs improving privacy, enhancing home safety and creating visual interest that increases curb appeal. Fences decorate gardens and define front yards, add charming details to backyard landscaping and make outdoor pool patios safe for young kids. There are several types of fences styles, materials, patterns, sizes, and colors. If you are looking for inspirations, check out a gallery of beautiful design ideas which Lushome shares to help you add security and beauty to your house design and yard landscaping in an elegant and modern style.

If you are looking for fence inspirations, check out a gallery of beautiful design ideas which Lushome shares to help you add security and beauty to your house design and yard landscaping in an elegant and modern style.

When selecting materials and designs for your fence, it is important to consider many factors, – characteristics of materials, a cost of installation, sustainability, and maintenance. Homeowners associations regulate style, size, and placement of fences in the area. It is essential to weigh all information before selecting the style of a decorative barrier for your house and yard. However, here are beautiful design ideas for modern, elegant, and impressive fences.

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Modern fence designs

Stone fence with metal gate and unique decoration

1. Building materials

Stone, bricks, and concrete blocks, glass, metal, and wood are the best, Green and excellent fencing materials. A material defines the style and allows creating unique designs and details to accentuate the attractive yard landscaping, emphasize the house style and harmonize the outdoor living spaces. Unique blends of various materials create the most impressive fence designs.

Stone walls last forever. Bricks and concrete blocks are low-maintenance options that protect against loud sounds. Wooden structures have a traditional, classy appeal but require more maintenance, staining or painting. Aluminum fence adds a retro-modern charm of mid-century homes. Rusted steel brings an industrial vibe and exciting brutality. Glass panels create fabulous outdoor walls protecting yards from winds and allowing spectacular views.

Rocks, metal wire, wood fence design

2. Outdoor wall designs and styles

Solid panels and wooden boards add privacy to yard landscaping, but can become eye sores. Semi-privacy fences, shadow box style designs or walls blending a few materials, look more attractive and decorative. Planting beautiful flowers, trees, hedge bushes and flowering shrubs along a fence creates gorgeous and natural borders that provide privacy and protect yards from sounds. The style of a wall, matching or complementing the house exterior, beautifully emphasizes the harmony in yard landscaping.

Stones and concrete blocks for building fence, Green wall design

3. Cost

The size of your yard and material affect the price. Creative fence designs may cost more, but their fabulous look is worth it. Consider all options while thinking about the purpose and value of your yard landscaping ideas. Select the most beautiful fence design, the best materials you can afford.

Original wooden fence

4. Personalizing design ideas

Add unique details to a wall style which is perfect for your home. Creative, unique and functional wall design ideas personalize yard landscaping and emphasize the gorgeous, elegant, and modern outdoor living spaces.

Unique metal fence with geometric forms
Bamboo fence
Concrete and glass design
Wood and glass walls
wood and metal wall

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