25 Sunshades and Patio Ideas Turning Backyard Designs into Summer Resorts

Long term solution for sunshade, beautiful wooden structure and stone patio ideas


Sunshades add sun protection to backyard designs, making them wonderful summer retreats. There are so many patio ideas for creating a shady area in your backyard that picking the right sunshade design for your home can be difficult, but even adding a large umbrellas and a tent to outdoor living spaces make backyard designs more inviting and functional.

Sunshades are made from a variety of different, traditional and contemporary materials and come in a number of construction styles and sizes. Wooden lattice sunshades, more traditional roof-like wooden structures and porches, sunshades made of vinyl and metal shades or fabrics offer great protection from the sun rays and heat. Attractive traditional wooden sunshades lack the longevity of the contemporary alternatives.

Wooden sunshades are designed as roofs, supported by vertical structural elements.There are awnings, retractable awnings and models that attach directly to the wall of the home. Vinyl sunshades and metal designs are similar and are available in many different sizes and colors.

Modern sunshades adding protection and comfort to backyard designs

Long-term solution for sunshade, beautiful wooden structure and stone patio ideas

Long-term sunshade designs created with vinyl or metal require less regular maintenance and attention than traditional wooden structures. Temporarily and less expensive solutions are collapsible tents and large table mounted umbrellas, offering good alternatives that save your money.

All sunshades bring more comfort into backyard designs, beautiful backyard landscaping ideas and creating welcoming stone patios or wooden decks. Sunshades allow to spend more time outside, improving backyard designs and protecting people from sun or rain.

Wooden sunshade structure in contemporary style, modern backyard patio ideas
Retractable awnings, modern balcony decorating and patio ideas

Retractable awnings are long lasting fittings for your house. They add an attractive look to your house exterior and backyard designs and provide great protection from summer heat and harmful UV rays, Folding awnings are nice sunshades and beautiful patio ideas. Retractable awnings can be used anywhere,  guarding the adjoined outdoor living spaces.

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COntemporary daybed Faz with a sunshade, LED lights and speakers

Install hard-wearing outdoor furniture capable of withstanding all weather, especially the rain and wind, and adding a large umbrella for sunshade create inviting outdoor living spaces and add charming accents to backyard designs. Pergolas and gazebos look especially attractive in gardens.

Simple handmade sunshade for gardens
Sunshade sails adding gorgeous look, protection and comfort to modern patio ideas and backyard designs

Sunshade sails are contemporary tensioned fabric structures that look stylish and cool. The sunshade fabrics can be twisted or angled to create unique and modern forms. The sunshade sails are beautiful and functional. They provide 80% protection from the heat and clock 90% of harmful UV rays.The contemporary sunshade sail is a stunning architectural and decorative accent that beautify backyard landscaping ideas and create comfortable place to rest in summer.

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Unusual wooden gazebo design adding contemporary style to backyard landscaping

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene knit fabrics bring elegance and comfort into backyard designs, and beautify house exterior design and backyard landscaping ideas with contemporary designs and great colors. Shade sails create a sense of openness and protect outdoor living spaces, turning backyard designs into luxurious resorts that offer ultimate comfort in elegant style.

Permanent sunshade structures and stone patio ideas for luxurious backyard designs
Long-term solution for sunshade, beautiful wooden structure and stone patio ideas

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