14 Eco Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas for Interior Windows, Green Holiday Decorations

white plant containers with moss and wooden stars
Eco friendly Christmas decorating with white plant containers green moss and wooden stars for green holiday season


Eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas look elegant and fresh. Traditional winter holiday decorations, combined with small indoor plants and white candles, create a feel of winter garden. Eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas bring beautiful natural aroma, green color, unique texture and add the charming simplicity of eco style to interior window decorations.

Timeless and elegant, green holiday decorations and eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas are perfect for modern eco homes.  and celebrating winter holidays in style. Beautiful and inexpensive green plants and candles, wooden holiday decorations or small ceramic figurines create relaxing atmosphere for celebrating winter holidays in style.

Christmas is a wonderful time for creating window decorations with evergreens. A window sill, which is often utilized as a shelf, is an excellent surface for displaying winter holiday centerpieces, small indoor plants and candles.

Candle centerpiece with green moss for eco friendly Christmas decorating

Green holiday decorations for interior windows

Arrange small indoor plants or evergreens in groups, add silver, gold or white candles and enjoy striking contrasts of eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas that add the elegance of minimalist style to your winter window decorations.

Green indoor plants are beautiful by nature. Traditional winter holiday decorations, made of wood, glass, ceramic or metal, emphasize their natural colors and unique form, offering simple eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas for celebrating winter holidays in elegant minimalist style.

Interior window decorating ideas with green plants and birds for green holiday in winter

Simple white candles and unpretentious white, gray or black containers for small indoor plants, combined with few traditional winter holiday decorations, look simple and peaceful, offering relaxing Christmas decorating ideas for modern eco homes.

15 eco friendly Christmas decorating strategies for green holiday

The biggest Green holiday idea for eco friendly Christmas

White candles and green trees in burlap bags for window decorating in winter

Birds and pine cones, evergreen branches and green moss, traditional winter holiday decorations, made of wood, glass, ceramic, metal, burlap and sisal twine, and retro lanterns, turn interior window sill into charming winter masterpiece.

Eco friendly Christmas decor, recycled and edible decorations for green holiday

Eco friendly Christmas decorations made of pine cones

Eco friendly Christmas decorating with white plant containers green moss and wooden stars for green holiday season

Small indoor plants with lush foliage, like ivy, poinsettia, branches with berries, like holly and rowan tree look gorgeous on interior windows sills with white candles.

Paper lanterns and evergreen wreaths, large candles, decorated with moss and green leaves or retro style lamps make stunning window decorations for eco friendly winter holidays.

Eco friendly Christmas decorating trend

Eco friendly Christmas decorating with burlap and sisal twine

Beautiful and simple interior window decorations for Green holiday

  by Ena Russ   

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