Creative Interior Design Ideas Turning Small Rooms into Spacious Modern Interiors

living room wall decoration with mirrors
Unique living room wall decoration

Creative interior design ideas from Design Bureau Redo Studio, based in Minsk, Belarus change linear perspectives and offer open and bright living spaces in contemporary style. Interior designers Yuri Alehno and Maria Klyuchnik from Redo Studio change rooms, turning an apartment into a contemporary home with unique decor that makes a statement.

Creative interior decorating ideas include developing custom made furniture and wall decorations, accessories and unique designs that add personality to apartment decorating. Modern interior decorating is about highlighting linear perspectives, turning small rooms into an airy living space which is functional and comfortable.

Designers reshapes every corner in the apartment, changing rooms function and increasing the living space. They visually increased the ceiling height with high gloss materials in dark colors and mirrors that create a pleasant illusion of a large living space.

Creative small apartment decorating ideas

Creative interior design and decorating ideas inspired by dandelion seed heads

Decorating small spaces blending colorful home accessories and white apartment ideas

Living room sofa in gray color, squares wall decorations made of metal rods, contemporary shelving unit in white

White wall design provides a great background for an amazing wall decoration made of translucent material in blue color. Light wall color gives a light feel and a fresh look to contemporary apartment decorating while increasing small rooms visually. Blue accents are designed with ultramodern glass surfaces and add intricate decorations patterns to modern interior design.

A glass room divider separates functional zones, also increasing living space with reflected light. Spacious living room design features a contemporary kitchen with a peninsula and beautiful decorative wall lights. Living room turns into a home theater by rearranging furniture in no time.

Glass room divider and Wave wall decoration for unique entryway design

Bedroom design features black and white decorating color combination and glossy surfaces that bring more light into a small room. The bedroom has a small home office and is separated from it only by a light curtain.

Glamorous penthouse interior design with mirrored walls and furniture

22 space saving bedroom ideas to maximize space in small rooms

Art-objects make this apartment feel luxurious. An abstract wave wall panels in the hallway, surrealistic light cubes on the wall in the living room, original squares made of metal rods and impressive decorative vases on the floor look unusual, adding lots of interest to exclusive interior design.

Unique living room wall decoration

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