Contemporary Lights by Trueing, Minimalist Lighting Design Inspired by Chains

wall lights

Wall sconce with clear glass chain links


Cerine lighting fixtures form a collection of contemporary floor lamps and pendant lights designed by Brooklyn-based studio Trueing. Each lighting fixture composed of handcrafted glass chains as the core design element. Colorful glass and transparent glass chains give a fresh, surprising look to these modern lighting fixtures blending an elegant 3d geometry with functional simplicity.

The beautiful lights collection includes floor lamps, pendants, and a sconce. Chain links and gorgeous glass unite the functional and gracious. Chain links play an integral part in both the practical and decorative attributes of the designer lighting fixtures.

Contemporary floor lamp with glass chain links

Glass chain lights

Sustainable lighting design, Giraffe lamp with chain swings

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Outdoor home decorating with lights

Glass recycling ideas creating modern lighting fixtures

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Inspiration for the chains arose from the likes of delicate golden chains and the massive metal anchors found in shipyards. The contemporary lighting design is the manifestation of the attractiveness of the purely functional pieces.

Designer lighting, colored glass chain links
Wall sconce with clear glass chain links


  by Ena Russ   

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