Contemporary Interior Design Ideas in Wabi Sabi Style

wood shelves
Rough wood texture, Japanese style home decorations, artworks, storage shelves



Touch Design studio created a contemporary apartment in Wabi-Sabi style in Beijing, emphasizing touch textures and neutral room colors. The distinct aesthetics of minimalism and the Eastern Empty Space philosophy blend into modern interior design ideas in Wabi-sabi style that help slow down a metropolitan lifestyle and relax. Creating a contrast to the urban environment, calm and peaceful interior design ideas in Wabi-sabi style bring the living spaces closer to the human rhythm. Check it out to see how many beautiful techniques and creative solutions the designers integrated into the interior design.

All transitional spaces set the most peaceful atmosphere, allowing inhabitants to enjoy pleasant views and natural textures. Smoky blue accessories contrast with rough ceramic utensils. The wooden shelves show natural sculptural curves intended to reflect the designers’ desire to create unique visual experiences. The dressing room shelves blend elegant simplicity and functionality with rough wood surfaces to emphasize the naturalness of modern interior design.

Modern interior design interpreting the Wabi-sabi style

The latest trends in decorating modern interiors, Japandi style

Original wood tables, eco-friendly room furniture

Wabi-sabi interior design ideas

Natural textures, neutral colors, wabi-sabi interior design style

Houseplants in pots add a fresh, natural vibe to the modern interiors. Natural shades of furniture and wall designs remind the look of landscapes. Soft neutral room colors are the best suited to maintain a sense of security and relaxation.

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Modern interior design ideas in Japanese minimalist style

The balcony features floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for plenty of daylight. The walls and floorshow different textures and enhance the neutral color palette. Light-colored sofas made from natural materials emphasize the oriental aesthetics of Zen interior design. In addition, rough-surfaced crockery, a lightly polished coffee table, a textured carpet work together to create a sense of quiet harmony, balance, and peace of mind.

Modern interior decorating with houseplants
Dining room design with wood furniture
Wooden dining furniture
Contemporary living room design in wabi-sabi style
Living room sofa, lighting in gray color, furniture placement emphasizes the empty-space
Rough wood texture, Japanese style home decorations, artworks, storage shelves with contemporary LED lighting
Neutral colors, wood kitchen design in minimalist style

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