Japandi Interior Style, The Latest Trends in Decorating Modern Homes

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Wood furniture, dining room decorating in Japandi style


Japandi interiors show a fusion of two styles. Japanese and Scandinavian Styles blend defining one of the new latest trends in decorating modern interiors. The philosophy of the Japandi is easy to understand. Japandi interiors are clean and minimalist but warm and comfortable at the same time. The fusion of the functionality and coziness looks beautiful.

The Scandinavian style offers minimalism that is harmonized with the wabi-sabi Japanese style that celebrates the perfection of natural imperfections. The uniqueness of craftsmanship and beauty of traditional decor made with raw materials mix with pure and natural elements creating modern interior decorating ideas.

Tips for Japanese bathroom design

Japanese minimalism in modern interior design

Scandinavian home decorating ideas; a blend of versatility and elegant functionality

Japandi interior trend

Wall decoration bringing a Japanese vibe into modern interior design

Japanese and Scandinavian philosophy have a lot in common and their differences. An appreciation of natural materials and minimalism, a calm feel, and a serene approach to life unite the two interior design styles.

Ultra-modern house design with a Japanese vibe

Black and white decorating ideas in the Scandinavian style

Cozy and modern interior design with salvaged wood

The Scandinavian style is famous for light wood colors, white decorating ideas, blue colors, cool pastels, and gray color tones. The Japanese interior design mix warm natural colors of wood. Beige, black, and brown color shades are excellent color design choices for room decorating in the Japanese style. You can get inspired by natural hues of beach stones, reclaimed wood, hay, sand, and water and mix them with light, cool colors typical for Scandinavian designs.

Wood dining furniture in Japandi style

Japandi interior design ideas

1. Minimum decorations and decor accessories

2. Natural color schemes

3. Elegant functionality of interior design and decorating

4. Practical materials and interior design ideas

5. Textiles in monochromatic palettes

6. Simplified geometry and traditional forms

Wood furniture, dining room decorating in Japandi style

Check out modern home decorating ideas from the Lushome collection and see how to create perfect Japandi interiors.

Wabi-sabi of Japanese bathroom design
Japandi interior design ideas
Traditional accessories, wood furniture, minimal decor, Japandi style interior decorating showing the modern fusion of styles

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