50 Original Wood Tables, Eco Friendly and Unique Furniture Design Ideas

side table wood
Sho Ota, side table, Mia Karlova Galerie, A-life-less-ordinary

Solid wood furniture pieces loo fabulous and last for generations. An original design of a contemporary wood table becomes the focus of your room decorating. Vintage furniture pieces and modern tables made with wood products are eco-friendly products that give an expensive feel to interior designs. Wood tables are one of the timelessly elegant and universally appealing interior trends.

The gorgeous look of eco-friendly materials and the originality of designs override financial concerns. People like to have things that are exclusive, beautiful, and last a long time. Eco-friendly and fabulous wood tables can give added allure to your rooms. Check out the Lushome collection of original wood tables to see where to find unique furniture designs.

Wood tables and chairs, modern dining furniture

Best wood for furniture design and modern interior decorating

How to mix and match dining furniture pieces

Unique wood tables

Wood furniture, Terry Holzgreen

Original wood furniture creates a wonderland. Reclaimed wood furniture, trunk tables, wood slice-top pieces, and artistic designs make versatile, eye-catching, and modern interior decorations. You can place a wood table anywhere, including your living room, dining room, or bedroom.  The main points of attraction are the beauty of the natural material, the novelty of forms, the antique appearance, and the unique design.

Unique furniture design, modern interior decorating with wood slices

Modern wall decoration with wood

Modern dining tables

Eco-friendly products for home furnishing

Assemblage, Mikko Kikuyama, modern table, wood

Eco-friendly products, including modern furniture, are in demand. There are many artificially and imperfectly made home furnishings on the market, which creates environmental pollution. Wood tables are eco-friendly products that are much better than plastic tables for home decorating. If you can afford a lovely wooden table, get it instead of a cheap plastic one.

Beautiful vintage furniture, dining room
Rustic furniture design, wabi-sabi style
Wood-framed table, contemporary furniture design by Andre Joyau
Wooden House, round coffee table
Unique furniture design, vanity dressing table, wood, photo by Tessa Neustadt
Small table, wood, Nic Brunsdon, East Fremantle House, Australian Architecture
Sho Ota, side table, Mia Karlova Galerie, A-life-less-ordinary
LAM studio, apartment ideas, wood table
Islets dining table, Maria Bruun, unique furniture design, wood
Conservatory House, wood dining furniture
Dining furniture, round table, wood chairs, Boq Architecti
DN Gallery, unique furniture, wood, apartment decorating ideas by BC Arquitetos, Brazil
Contemporary living room furniture, wooden coffee table, Beluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos
Dining table, solid wood, Casa Huayoccari Barclay Crousse Residence, Peru
Wooden desk, vintage style, unique furniture design
Japanese dining table, wood, low furniture design
Wood top table, stone legs, unique furniture

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