Contemporary Decor Accessories, Unique Digital Embroidery Textiles, Home Decor

embroidert stitches contemporary textiles

Modern furniture decoration, unique embroidery stitch designs

Contemporary decor accessories from the Duo-Hue collection show a unique digital embroidery stitch developed by Amelia Ayerst.  The multilayered stitch allows complementary colors and different stitch densities, creating a colorful, beautiful effect enhancing the contemporary textile design.

The eye-catching textiles show the design at the intersection of craft and modern technology. The Duo-Hue collection includes bespoke, long-lasting, collectible home decor accessories and lifestyle products. Colorful cushions in various designs, shapes, and sizes, wall art, decorative screens, and backpacks show original embroidery made with the signature stitch.

Contemporary embroidery in modern interior decorating

Metal embroidery ideas

Cross-stitch embroidery, modern furniture design

Handmade home decorations, embroidery designs

Latest trends in embroidery; felt and wood furniture decoration

Modern decor accessories with digital embroidery

Decorative accessories, cushions, wall hangings, contemporary textiles with colorful embroidery

You might choose large items, like a one-of-a-kind wall hanging, that are perfect for the focal points of a modern interior design. Colorful ottomans, cube-shaped footstools, decorative pillows, and wall hangings embroidered all the way around make bright and beautiful accents for home decorating.

Modern furniture decoration, unique embroidery stitch designs
Wall art, embroidery textiles for home decorating
Wall hangings and decorative pillows
Colorful backpack

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