Latest Trends in Embroidered Felt or Wooden Furniture and Decor Accessories

diy bed headboard ideas, wood and cross stitch embroidery

Wooden bed headboard ideas, cross stitch embroidery on wood


Embroidered home furnishings, – wooden furniture and wood crafts with amazing cross stitch embroidery designs, are latest trends in home decorating that reinvent ancient traditions and add unique details to modern interior design. Embroidery was a beautiful hobby for centuries. Women created amazing designs on fabrics for centuries. Now modern furniture and decor accessories that feature embroidery are stylish home furnishings that define modern trends.

Lushome presents a collection of creative ideas that demonstrates how incredibly fascinating wooden furniture and decor accessories with embroidery can look. To decorate modern furniture with cross stitches is a smart, novel and fresh idea that can help reuse and recycle old wooden furniture pieces and home decorations or create very stylish and unique furniture pieces and home accents.

Wooden bed headboards and chair backs, drawers front panels and cabinet doors can be decorated with stitches. Wooden decor accessories, like mirror frames, decorative wall panels, wooden boxes, holders and racks with colorful embroidery stitches look amazing. Wooden furniture, felt furniture and decor accessories made of wood or felt look creative and novel with a stitched picture, created with attractive stitches and yarns or twines.

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Wooden furniture and decor accessories with embroidery

Wall organizer made with salvaged wood, modern furniture and decor accessories with embroidery designs on wood and felt

Upholstered furniture and decorative accessories made with traditional home fabrics are great items to demonstrate simple or intricate embroidery designs, but wooden furniture and modern furniture pieces made with felt can be turned into true masterpieces when designers decorate them with beautiful embroidery images, cross stitch decoration patterns and colorful needle painting stitches.

Wooden furniture with cross stitch embroidery designs

Wooden bed headboard ideas, cross stitch embroidery on wood

This beautiful design offers one of stylish bed headboard ideas with cross stitch embroidery on wood. Available at for 350 Euros.

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Cross stitches personalizing bed headboard design
Inspiration for DIY bed headboard, cross stitch embroidery on wood

Embroidery has a long history of more than 3000 years. Modern furniture created with wood or felt and decorated with embroidery stitches look like artworks adding to aesthetic appeal of interior design. Embroidery can be made with different techniques that came from different cultures and formed different embroidery types.

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Wooden furniture and decor accessories look fantastic with simple, but spectacular cross stitch embroidery designs. Modern furniture and decor accessories created with felt can be decorated with various embroidery techniques, and all designs can be combined with interesting appliques and beads.

Wooden stool with embroidery on wood, modern furniture decoration idea

Modern furniture and decor accessories with creative embroidery connect the generations while giving amazing opportunities to personalize home furnishings and create original, beautiful and modern interior design. Contemporary embroidery on wood and felt brings classy accents into homes and add unique vintage style to modern interior design.

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Two-sided embroidery designs or simple cross stitches transform wooden furniture, decor accessories and felt surfaces. Amusingly intricate embroidery images or a few colorful stitches change felt and wooden furniture and decor accessories, and make a statement. Stitching decorations, like butterflies, leaves patterns, birds and flower designs on wood make furniture and decor accessories so different, stylish and impressive.

Wooden furniture ad decor accessories with embroidery designs, latest trends in decorating


Artistic embroidery designs show off authenticity and elegance. The finest details that can be added with embroidery produce amazing wooden furniture and decor accessories for modern interior design and create room furniture that looks like artworks, surprising and functional.

Felt furniture and decor accessories with cross stitch embroidery designs

Small table with embroidery on wood

Wood decor accessories with cross stitch embroidery designs

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