Colorful Kids Bathrooms, Designer Furniture, Accessories and Bathroom Fixtures for Children

colorful kids bathrooms sinks and fausets


Colorful kids bathrooms from Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz and the Swiss company Laufen are extraordinary vivid, impressive and innovative. Designer furniture and accessories bring gorgeous themes, – flowers, clouds, balloons, hearts, stars and smiling faces, – into kids bathroom design and decorating. Kids bathroom fixtures are colorful, unusual and pleasant. Sinks are shaped like flowers, and even bathroom faucets are brightened up with a touch of bright color.

Functional and modern kids bathroom furniture and accessories and bright color combinations turn kids bathrooms into cheerful and interesting playrooms with colorful toilet seats, bright small chairs, amazing wall mirrors and free-shaped wall shelves, creating a wonderful world for children. The collections of designer furniture, accessories, kids bathroom fixtures, – faucets, sinks and toilets, – are called Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and FloraKids and created for Laufen.

Famous in Spain designer Agatha Ruiz used energizing prime colors for kids bathroom design and decorating ideas, which all kids love. Romantic and inspiring themes that are associated with joy and happiness create fabulous kids bathrooms in bold colors. Gorgeous flowers, clouds, balloons, hearts, stars and smiling faces are excellent themes for adding fantastic details to bright and happy kids bathroom fixtures, furniture and accessories.

Kids bathrooms, designer furniture, accessories and bathroom fixtures

Kids bathroom furniture and accessories from Agatha Ruiz

The Swiss company Laufen is a symbol of quality and elegant bathroom design. Fine lines are combined with practicality, aesthetic appeal is enriched by functionality and style, offering exclusive and sophisticated modern bathroom design and decorating ideas.

Gorgeous modern bathroom designs from ROCA are developed in collaboration with famous architects and designers. The New collection FloraKids is an inspiring blend of pop art and retro style of 80s that mixes bright and cheerful colors and familiar images into amazing, unique and personalized kids bathroom design and decor.

Designer bathroom sinks and caterpillar-shaped wall mirrors
Heart shaped kids bathroom sinks and wall mirrors

Modern kids bathrooms with unique designer furniture and accessories

Even if you have a small budget, one or two bathroom furniture, accessories or fixtures from this collection can dramatically transform kids bathroom design, adding a modern look and lots of interest to a functional room. These kids bathrooms are perfect for children, impressing and attracting them with thoughtfully designed details, bathroom furniture, accessories and bright colors.

Kids bathrooms, playful and safe bathroom design ideas

Kids friendly bathroom sinks Family Basin blending style into functional bathroom design

Kids bathroom sinks from Agatha Ruiz de La Prada

This stunning collection of kids bathroom sinks and designer furniture for bathrooms will be enjoyed by the entire family. The kids will appreciate bright bathroom design and decorating colors and unusual, pleasant and meaningful shapes.

Kids bathrooms sinks in unique shapes and bright colors

The kids bathrooms with flowers, clouds, balloons, hearts, stars and smiling faces are available in different colors, – in red, yellow and orange colors for little girls bathroom design, and calm and cool white and blue colors for boys bathrooms.

Colorful kids bathroom faucets

Parents will appreciate its compact size and pleasant design details. Colorful kids bathroom cabinets can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. Designer furniture items feature a set of legs and wheels that make kids bathroom furniture convenient, functional and versatile. All items are absolutely safe for children. There are no sharp edges or parts that can hurt a little one.

Growing with kids furniture designs and kids playroom arrangement

Kids rooms design ideas and 5 basic decorating principles

The range of kids bathroom furniture, accessories, bathroom fixtures and colors from Agatha Ruiz is wonderfully wide. The collection includes more than 100 models of mirrors, bathroom cabinets, sinks, vanities, shower designs, wall shelves, shower curtains and small kids chairs.

Nature inspired kids bathroom accessories

Creative kids bathroom design and decorating ideas with wall shelves, mirrors and colorful small chairs

The kids bathrooms from Laufen reflect the fact that children love to paint and enjoy the nature and created bright collection of spectacular kids bathroom furniture, accessories, bathroom fixtures and wall decorating ideas for modern kids bathrooms. Flower-shaped sinks complement cloud shaped of ceramic wall shelves floating in fantastic kids bathrooms. Caterpillar-shaped wall mirrors add more beauty to modern bathroom design and decorating ideas for nature lovers.

Creative furniture for kids, functional pink flowers and hearts decorations for girls room design

Happy kids room design, comfortable and colorful decorating ideas

Modern toilet seats for kids bathrooms

The modern toilet seats are especially designed for young kids. Simple and reliable toilet seat design doe not cause any problem when used, but adds ultimate comfort and gives kids bathrooms another splash of bright color.

Modern kids bathrooms with toilet seats designed for young children

A funny glasses for toothbrushes and bright small kids chairs, colorful bathroom rugs in rainbow colors, creative accessories and beautiful color combinations allow to create spacious and pleasant kids bathrooms with space saving furniture for storage and attractive kids bathroom fixtures.

Creative kids bathroom accessories and small chairs in bright colors

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