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furniture for kids bedroom playroom modern decor
Playful furniture for kids bedroom, activity table and chairs, wooden bedroom furniture


Up to seventy per cent of a child’s brain develops before the age of four. Parents and care-givers shape the identity of children by stimulating, friendly games and interesting new experiences. Loving home environment, functional kids room design with colorful room decor accessories and child-friendly furniture designs are important elements of raising a happy child.

Uncomfortable kids room design, pale kids decor and emotionally cold environment can cause kids a trauma. Warm and loving home atmosphere, comfortable kids room design, attractive furniture for kids and stimulating decorating colors, that make children feel energetic, are important ingredients of a happy child’s life.

Kids room decor, toys and everything that surrounds a child create a special world. Take your time for childrens bedroom decorating, choosing spacious, playful, stimulating, inviting and functional kids room decor, paying attention to what furniture items and decorating colors make your children happy. (Functional kids room design, understanding kids nature)

Playful furniture for kids bedroom, activity table and chairs, wooden bedroom furniture

Growing furniture for kids

School-age children need a quiet place for their activities, including homework, reading and playing. Children grow, and kids bedroom furniture items need to grow with them. In order to avoid deformations of children spines it is important to ensure the correct ratio between chairs and tables heights.

Money saving tip: young children grow quickly, and pieces of furniture for kids have to be changed or adjusted every two-three years. Kids designs that allow to adjust the size add more comfort to kids room decor, prolong children furniture life, and save money. If possible, choose growing with kids furniture designs that can be increased in length and height.

Kids room decor and decorating colors

Energetic and cheerful color schemes for kids room decor, painting or wall decorating with wallpapers are very important. Children love bright and pure colors, but it does not mean that everything should be colorful in kids bedroom. Human eyes get tired of bright colors quickly, and children can become bored with too colorful paint, bedroom decorating ideas and room decor accessories.

Childrens bedroom furniture, colorful and comfortable kids room decor

Pleasant and soothing tones of matching interior decorating colors are good choices for kids room decor, furniture and painting or decorating walls with wallpaper. Toys and room decor accessories, like children rugs, lighting fixtures, cushions or toy-furniture for kids, can be bright and cheerful, adding dynamic colorful accents to kids room decor.

Kids room design for activities

Psychologists say there are three children age groups. The first group includes newborns to three year old children. The main job of this group is to sleep, eat and enjoy playing time.

Space-saving Lollipop beds for young kids room design, Bonbon, UK
Space-saving kids bunk beds for spacious kids room design

Spacious kids room design, functional storage organization and comfortable kids furniture for study, fun activities and rest are necessary for stress free happy kids life.

Between four and six kids belong to the second group. At this age kids start to have busier schedule and add short periods for artistic activities, such as drawing, modeling and design. They need comfortable kids furniture design, an activity table for crafts and a chair.

Childrens bedroom furniture, light and spacious design, wall decorating with stripes and matching room decor accessories

Six to fourteen year old children sleep, eat and play also, but have certain responsibilities in their lives. These children have to go to school, do their homework, play music or have a hockey practice. Children activities require proper kids room design and storage organization that make their days organized and pleasant.

Money saving tip: there is no need for expensive bedroom decor accessories or furniture for kids. Kids room design and furnishings should be practical, simple and convenient. The right size of kids bedroom furniture, pleasant colors and space-saving storage solutions, that create organized environment and more spacious kids room design, will make children happy.

Comfortable kids room ideas and furniture for kids:
Kids room decor, playful furniture design for children
Kids furniture, functional design for fun and smiles
Colorful kids bedroom and playroom design

Childrens bedroom furniture and storage, functional, comfortable and colorful kids room decor ideas

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