Coffee Art, Cheap Home Decorations and Eco Gifts, 6 Reuse and Recycle Ideas

reuse and recycle coffee filters


Coffee art and home decorating ideas that reuse and recycle coffee cups, stir sticks and coffee filters are creative and nice ways to add beauty to modern interiors, reduce waste, save energy and turn useless things into stylish home decorations and eco gifts.

People buy 500 billion cups of  coffee every year, which are not always served in ceramic mugs. Paper and plastic cups, stir sticks and coffee filters clutter the planet. Artists and designers came up with many beautiful ways to reuse and recycle these items, turning even empty coffee cans into wonderful outdoor lights.

Artist Cheeming Boey, originally from Malaysia and living in Newport Beach, California, decorates foam coffee cups with creative drawings, making unique eco gifts and home decorations. Beautiful coffee cups feature expressive drawings and are popular. People pay from $120 to $220 for the set that includes a coffee cup with a cork pad in a transparent gift box.

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Unique art drawing for recycling plastic cups and making eco gifts

Empty, old, useless or rusty tin cans, including coffee cans are great material for making outdoor lights. Creative home decorating ideas turn empty cans and metal containers into charming outdoor lights for your backyard, porch, terrace or small balcony decorating.

The main thing  is to outline the pattern and and create it with a nail and a hammer. To avoid the deformation of your tin can fill it up with water or wet sand and freeze. Coffee cans with perforated patterns make wonderful candle holders, lanterns and personalized gifts.

Recycling metal cans for lanterns, candle holders and outdoor lights, recycled crafts for making eco gifts and cheap home decorations

This unique chandelier for eco friendly home decorating is made of plastic stir sticks. Coffee Spoon Chandelier from design studio Studioverissimo is a nice way to recycle plastic coffee spoons and stir sticks and creating useful decorative item for your home or make an impressive gift for your friend.

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This unique lighting fixture is interesting and looks like made of crystals, offering a creative craft project to reuse and recycle plastic items that get to a landfill and harm the environment.

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Gorgeous flower wreaths are easy to make of coffee filters, recycling paper and creating amazing gifts and home decorations. Coffee filters, dipped in colored water and dried are excellent material for recycled crafts.

Kitchen lighting design for coffee lovers

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Recycled crafts for making cheap home decorations and eco gifts of coffee filters

Albanian artist Samir Strati used 309 pounds of coffee beans to create a huge mosaic wall that symbolize music and art.

Coffee bean mosaic wall, symbolizing art, music, singing and dancing

The African drummer, European accordionist, Brazilian dancer, American country singer and a Japanese girl playing the taiko are made of coffee beans. The artist says that a cup of coffee can inspire people from different countries and add beauty, music, dances and songs to their life.

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Unique painting with coffee instead of ink, a woman in a coffee cup

Illustrator and designer from Brazil Dirceu Veiga who lives in the southern town of Curitiba uses another creative way to demonstrate the unique talent. The artist creates his drawings and comics with left coffee instead of ink.

  by Ena Russ   

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