Brilliant Modern Lighting Fixtures From Isaac Light Collection

bird cage torchier in room with wooden wall paneling

Isaac Light is a line of modern lighting fixtures, crystal chandeliers, wall lights, floor lamps and pendant lights sold by Isaac Glass. The amazing hand craftsmanship of glass and crystal components, creative and classic themes and impressive lighting design are blended into a stunning collection of gorgeous lighting fixtures.

Fabulous lighting fixtures from the Issac Light collection, celebrate an art of crystal making. Refined lighting design combines structures characterized by a beautiful lines with rich look. There are an infinity of shapes and possibilities for combining these lighting fixtures and create unique, highly personalized interior design.

Modern lighting fixtures in Italian style are excellent for those who like to organize the living space in harmony and elegant style. The simplicity of straight lines is emphasized by fantastic charm of handmade crystals, creating Italian lighting fixtures that look like artworks.

Modern lighting fixtures with Italian crystals and steel frames

Bird cage shaped pendant lights with Italian crystals, modern lighting fixtures

Magnificent crystals with faceted shapes multiply the irradiation of the light. The natural crystals transparency adds to the elegance of these modern lighting fixtures.

Classic and innovative steel structures make lighting design looks spectacular, bringing stunning centerpieces into homes for luxurious interior decorating. Charming room dividers made of crystal curtains increase the effect, adding a romantic feel to gorgeous, rich and bright interior decorating.

Modern lighting fixtures with handmade Italian crystals

Light, but strong these brilliant lighting fixtures demonstrate the exceptional decorating design, perfect for modern interiors. The modern lighting fixtures, crystal chandeliers, wall lights, floor lamps and pendant lights look classy and realize amazing creativity in Italian style.

Crystal lighting fixtures

Creative home lighting design for visual comfort

Modern lighting fixtures to magnify home beauty

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  last updated: 28.01.2013