Bright Wooden Gazebo Design and Decor in Vintage Style

yard landscaping with wooden gazebo in vintage style
Wooden gazebo design and decor in vintage style



A wooden gazebo is a popular structure that improves backyard designs and creates a nice place to relax ad enjoy beautiful yard landscaping. Lushome presents a unique gazebo design project that blends functionality and elegance, turning a gazebo into stylish, welcoming and comfortable retreat in vintage style.

The Belvedere gazebo is a spectacular summerhouse with an open-sided gallery, mixing Italian and French Styles with traditional gazebo designs. The gazebo features a transparent roof design and provides a panoramic views in all directions. Rich turquoise blue color and white decorating ideas add striking contrasts and bright look to yard landscaping and create this fabulous centerpiece.

Designed by Russian architect and landscape designer Yevgenya Mikhailova this gazebo brings charming and unique vintage style into modern yard landscaping and adds a luxurious accent to outdoor living spaces. Rising on tall columns, the transparent roof allows plenty of light to penetrate the wooden gazebo. The Belvedere,  offers multifunctional design with a bar table, dining area and hanging hammock chairs.

Unusual wooden gazebo design in contemporary style

Wooden gazebo design in vintage style

Wooden gazebo design and decor in vintage style

Classic Belvedere gazebo designs are great for relaxing and entertaining while observing the beautiful yard landscaping and enjoying garden flowers. A belvedere has a gorgeous Italian charm, and usually decorated with carved wood details or intricate iron designs.

This modern wooden gazebo in vintage style is decorated with white lace-like details, comfortable dining furniture, contemporary bar stools and a large crystal chandelier that enhances its light and airy appearance. Gorgeous table decoration, white accents and turquoise blue color scheme create spectacular displays in vintage style.

White and blue color scheme for wooden gazebo decorating

The wooden gazebo is a wonderful place to relax, dine and socialize with friends, watch kids to play or peacefully connect with the nature. A bar table and large dining table is the center of entertainment for kids and adults. The wooden gazebo is designed to please all family members and add a great outdoor recreation area to the site.

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Bright white and turquoise blue color scheme looks stunning, fresh and very attractive. Elegant table decoration and modern furniture make the wooden gazebo welcoming and pleasant. The gazebo design in classic style feature many interesting contemporary details, connecting traditional gazebo designs and modern ideas.

Modern bar chairs and decor accents in vintage style

The wooden gazebo has an octagon shape and large size. White paint color add freshness and brightness to yard landscaping while emphasizing the wooden gazebo classic style. Its transparent roof design allows to create always bright structure that looks light and airy.

Wooden gazebo roof design
Outdoor home bar design with medallions in vintage style
Outdoor home bar table and decor accents in white and blue color

Dining table and chairs

Hanging hammock chairs

BBQ area and unique decorations

Electrical switches in vintage style

Small floor tiles in white and blue color

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