Bright Scandinavian Home Interiors Filled with Beautiful Houseplants

dining room decorating
Window decorating with houseplants



This Swedish apartment gives great inspirations for creating light and airy home interiors and decorating with plants. The bright Scandinavian home is filled with all sort of plants which add beautiful green accents to white decorating and create a garden-like environment.

The dwelling is inviting and charming. Vintage furniture and modern details connect the generations and add unique character to modern home interiors. Flowers in small pots, olive trees, and climbing plants make beautiful home decorations connecting the rooms with nature.

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Living room with houseplants

Beautiful greenery is in every corner. White decorating ideas and plants create a fresh and bright color scheme which is elegant and universally appealing. The rooms look a garden with functional zones.

Scandinavian home, white walls, wood furniture

Bedroom decorating enhances the effect of outdoor space. Dramatic floral and geometric wallpaper patterns in bedrooms add stylish accents to bright white rooms.

Wooden chairs and tables
Floral wallpaper
Bedroom decorating with floral wallpaper
Bedroom wall decor
Bedroom furniture, wooden nightstand
Kitchen with island
Kitchen island with wooden bowls
Dining room decorating with houseplants
Window decorating with houseplants
Kids room furniture
Toddler bed and storage
White bathroom design
Window desk and chair
Foyer decorating with flowers
Entryway ideas, contemporary wall rack

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