Best Houseplants for Kids Rooms, Attractive Planters and Green Decorating Ideas

yellow decorations

Bright yellow stand, jazzy colors for kids room decorating


Houseplants are perfect decorative accessories. There leaves create versatile accents and add freshness to any room design. Houseplants bring beautiful green colors into modern interior decorating, and harmoniously blend eco-style with modern designs. Here are perfect houseplants for children bedrooms. The eco-friendly plants in original and colorful pots are excellent ideas for baby nursery decor and all kids rooms.

Houseplants which control the air quality are perfect decorative accessories. Indoor plants in attractive planters not only refresh rooms but add style to an interior design bringing the modern trends into kids spaces. Also, houseplants are functional elements of eco-friendly homes as they enhance the color schemes with attractive green colors, relax the interior design, clean the air, and make kids rooms look stylish and comfortable.

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The best houseplants for kids room decorating

Attractive planter, floral design

Citrus plants have soothing properties and look beautiful offering playful and colorful accents for children bedrooms. Citrus plants relieve fatigue and irritability, improve sleep, and are perfect for hyperactive children. Azaleas, geraniums, balm, rosemary and Monstera plants make beautiful eco-friendly accents for kids rooms. These plants help fight stress, relieve tension and fatigue, improve sleep, and add Green texture to room decorating.

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Chrysanthemums protect from harmful impurities in the air, minimize a concentration of exhaust gases from the roads. The beautiful plants bring a unique aroma into kids room decorating and work as excellent natural filters for creating a healthy environment for children. Kalanchoe, Aloe, Tradescantia plants, ferns, ficus, begonias, fuchsia, Chlorophytum, myrtle, small hibiscus plants are good choices for eco-style room decorating also. Growing coniferous trees, eucalyptus, juniper, cypress and palm trees is another way to keep the air clean in kids rooms.

Playful designs for kids, room decorating with houseplants

1. Chlorophytum

The plant is a natural filter that purifies the air.

Hand-painted pots with houseplants, butterflies decorations

2. Spathiphyllum

The beautiful flowering plants have beautiful leaves and large flowers. These houseplants purify the air and work as natural humidifiers.

Kids room decorations and houseplants

3. Kalanchoe succulents

The lovely houseplants are not poisonous and safe for kids. Bright flowers and gorgeous leaves help the eyes to relax.

Colorful buckets with flowering plants

4. Aloe

The houseplants stimulate the brain activities, strengthen the immune system, increase the efficiency and physical endurance.

Window decorating idea, cubic planters in white

5. Lemon tree

Lemon trees create a healthy environment and strengthen the immune system.

Lemons and green leaves, room decorating with indoor plants
Unique planter for kids room decorating
Bird planter with Spiderwort plants
Bright yellow stand, jazzy colors for kids room decorating

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