Boho Decor Ideas Adding Chic and Style to Modern Interior Decorating

home decorating in Bohemian style


Boho decor ideas are modern trends in home decorating. Bohemian decor ideas feel luxurious and creative, bringing exclusive chic and unique style into modern homes and creating comfortable, very personal and romantic interior decorating. Lushome presents a collection of interior decorating photographs that inspire to create fabulous, elegant and luxurious rooms with Boho decor.

Boho chic can be added to modern interiors with items that reflect Bohemian style. Boho decor ideas are great for creating exquisite rooms, from exotic and romantic bedrooms to impressive entryways and stunning living rooms. Boho decor ideas can be enhanced by adding simple and beautiful decor accessories, like lanterns and decorative candles, one-of-a-kind candle holders and fascinating fabric pieces.

Textiles, floor rugs and large pillows for sitting on the floor, colorful decorating fabrics and fantastic room colors that create attractive contrasts, are wonderful Boho decor ideas that turn rooms into modern interiors with exotic touch. Rich interior decorating colors, vintage furniture and accessories, charming details in Gothic style or classy home furnishings, combined with ethnic interior decorating accents add charm to modern interiors in new Bohemian style.

Boho decor ideas

Modern home decorating ideas in Bohemian style, living room furniture and decor accessories

Luxurious large pillows for resting on the floor change the atmosphere in the room, creating relaxing and fun rooms in Bohemian style, enriched by ethnic interior decorating accessories. Unique low coffee tables, ottomans and extra large pillows are ideal to create comfortable and pleasant living rooms.

Candles, lanterns and candle holders are simple and beautiful accessories that can enhance Boho decor. A piano and soft glowing light of candles can turn your living room into romantic and exclusive retreat, allowing to play music and relax while enjoying amazing Boho decor.

Modern living room decorating in new Bohemian style

Boho decor ideas are perfect for modern bedroom decorating. Antique beds and vintage furniture with decor accessories can quickly turn even a small room into a comfortable, unique and luxurious modern bedroom, ideal for relaxation and sleep. Plain white or plaid blankets, colorful curtains and pillows are just a few decor accessories that can be used for adding Boho chic to modern bedroom decorating.

Contemporary interior design with exotic Bohemian touch

25 glamorous canopy beds for modern bedrooms with romantic Bohemian decor

Vintage furniture pieces and accessories, like old books, serving trays, picture frames and glass bottles, bring romantic charm into interior decorating and create beautiful collections on coffee table or night stands. Old photographs and post cards are true treasures for romantic interior decorating.

Boho decor ideas in neutral colors

Handwriting technique is another gorgeous ideas for modern interior decorating in Bohemian style. Writing a meaningful words on the wall or mirror, designing a decorative wall panel or decorating furniture with words are stylish ways to enrich modern interior decorating with Boho decor accents.

22 modern bed headboard ideas adding creativity to bedroom decorating

Modern mirrored furniture creating spacious and bright interior design

Crocheted bedspreads and faux fur blankets, colorful textiles and home fabrics in bright shades or elegant gray color and creamy white tones look very attractive and stylish, creating fabulous combinations with classy white linens.

Rich room colors and chic designs, Boho decor ideas in bright colors

Boho decor ideas are perfect for creative and chic interior decorating or creating romantic outdoor rooms. Boho decor turn outdoor living spaces into inviting and pleasant oases, ideal for enjoying the nature. A few chairs with soft and comfortable cushions, a unique table with exotic lanterns, outdoor curtains and a few pots with flowers create fantastic atmosphere and help add Boho decor chic to outdoor rooms.

Wall decorating with vintage art and old photographs, Boho decor ideas for modern interiors

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