Contemporary Interior Design with Exotic Bohemian Touch

Contemporary living room design with Boho chic decor

Dining room decorating with rustic wood dining table, upholstered chairs and floor carpet in rich colors


Contemporary interior design ideas, blending exotic Asian details and rich colors into elegant decor, create this beautiful home with a touch of Bohomean style and rustic furniture. Modern interior design in Boho style adds unique character and elegance to the Bletchley Loft in Australia.

Designed and decorated by JodieCooper, these modern interiors look functional, spacious, unique and beautiful. Rich deep room colors, combined with neutral color tones, add attractive contrasts and a light touch of masculinity to elegant interior design ideas and turn living spaces into sophisticated and fabulous.

Rustic wood furniture pieces, like a dining table, details in the South West style, like cow skulls, Aztec prints, rich room colors, home fabrics and decoration patterns look amazing with simple lines, creating inviting and interesting, stylish and spacious rooms in chic contemporary style.

Contemporary interior design with Boho chic

Contemporary living room design with Boho chic decor

Contemporary bathrooms and kitchen design are functional, space saving, creative and elegant. The lower level offers up a built in wall partition that serves as a hanging point for the television on one side, and storage for the dining space on the opposite.

The living spaces feature horizontal lines that emphasize the spacious interior design. Unique decor add comfort and style to these modern interiors, blending contemporary interior design ideas with eclectic details, exotic motifs and Boho chic accents.

Modern home interiors with a touch of Bohemian style

Natural stone and wood textures, wool floor carpets and leather furniture create luxurious, warm and inviting living spaces, offering a perfect retreat enriched with elegance and creativity.

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Casa A modern interior design and decor with draperies and exotic wood walls

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Dining room decorating with rustic wood dining table, upholstered chairs and floor carpet in rich colors
Contemporary kitchen design with white island

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