7 Tips for Beautiful House Exterior and Yard Decorating with Flowers and Plants

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Creating a beautiful garden or backyard design is one of the most difficult tasks, but once the job is done your house look will look so charming and attractive. Even a small project for balcony, porch, front yard or backyard decorating tremendously change the way your house looks and feels.

Balcony decorating or creating a lovely porch and yard design make your home more comfortable and attractive, improves your mood and lift the spirit. Green plants and flowers are eco friendly and beautiful yard decorations, perfect for elegant house exterior decorating or home staging. They connect your home interiors to the nature and create lovely outdoor rooms.

Blooming flower beds and planters with flowers are associated with harmony and prosperity. Green plants and flowers look peaceful and cheerful. They can be placed anywhere on your site, adding relaxing and stylish accents to your house exterior design and yard decorations.

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Traditional balcony decorating with flowers

1. According to professional landscaping designers, flowers that cover 7% to 10% of the area of your front yard or backyard make the site look impressive and inviting.

2. Native plants are simple, eco friendly and cheap yard decorations that make your home look more interesting and bright.

Beautiful and elegant porch and front yard decorating creates the pleasant first impression, setting the mood for viewing your home interiors and backyard design. Front yard decorating is an important part of your house design and decorating or home staging.

House exterior decorating with flowers in modern containers, porch, terrace or balcony decorating ideas

3. Green walls, rooftop gardens, green fences and miniature garden designs on balconies, porches and terraces are wonderful modern trends, and these great ideas can be used in a creative way for your front yard, backyard, balcony and porch decorating.

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Feng Shui for home, garden and front yard landscaping ideas

4. Today people see glass and concrete more often than they can enjoy woods, green plants and flowers. Green walls and fences, flower beds and small ponds or outdoor fountains look gorgeous, natural and tranquil, improving the way people feel and deal with stress.

Green wall garden to recycle plastic bottles and add green color to concrete walls

5. A green wall or a fences, miniature garden on your balcony or porch are environmentally friendly, simple and easy decorating ideas. You need perennial climbing plants and trellis, annual flowers, your favorite green plants and attractive containers for outstanding balcony, terrace, porch, front yard and backyard designs.

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Green building, green wall and rooftop garden for modern eco homes

6. A small rock garden or a flower bed, or just few hanging planters with green plants and flowers transform your porch, balcony or terrace into a lovely retreat.

Small rock garden idea, yard decorating with flowers and rocks

7. Beach pebbles and rocks, gravel and sand, mulch and driftwood pieces, decorative vases and lanterns, combined with green plants, flowers and comfortable outdoor furniture, add unique character to your balcony, porch, front yard and backyard designs, offering gorgeous and unique places to relax and enjoy the nature.

House exterior decorating ideas with outdoor lights. Balcony, terrace or front yard decorating with plants and white river pebbles and green plants

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