55 Original Planters, Unique Design Ideas that Add Personality to Room Decorating

recycling cans for planters
Recycling ideas, golden cans with plants, original decorating accessories


Original planters add personality to room decor. Planters come in all forms, sizes, colors, themes, and materials, from pop culture to animals to human forms to the futuristic to the absurd designs. Original planters make delightful gifts and home decorations. Here is the Lushome gallery of carefully curated plant pots with unique designs.

Check out the new selection of unusual planters. Whimsical designs are perfect for adventurous and playful room decorating. Cacti, succulents, air plants, and small houseplants can look even better in original pots. Pretty planters are great gift ideas. Unusual planters can start a new hobby for your children, parents, or grandparents.

Unusual flexible planter, creative design ideas

Magnetic planters for metal fence decorating

Creative design ideas, expandable planters

Unusual planters

Driftwood planter, DIY home decorations

Modern pots come in various designs and materials. Upcycled steel, wood, ceramic, and stone-look resin are modern ideas for room decorating. Standard pots, hanging planters, and wall pots are available to add interest to your room decorating.

Recycling shoes for planters, unique garden decorations

Home decorating with creative planters

Recycling old stoves for metal planters

Recycling ideas for DIY pots

Upcycling old items in your home is a cost-effective and sustainable way to give something old a new purpose. DIY pots make cheap decorations that have a personality. If you get creative with something useless in your home, go for recycling items to create eco-friendly containers and grow your favorite plants.

Unique planter, creative design idea for recycling kids’ toys

The gardening experts encourage using useless or broken household objects for their plants and flowers instead of traditional non-recyclable pots. It is incredibly easy for everyone to make DIY planters. With millions of plant pots ending up in landfill each year, recycling for planters is a great way to do your part for the planet and help to reduce waste.

Plants in orange skin pots

Original design ideas

Creative planters are a fun and cheap activity too. Funny images and unusual design ideas offer a fresh, unique, and quirky take on traditional room decorating with plants.

Upside-down plants in original pots
Unusual pots for growing plants
Recycling ideas, golden cans with plants, original decorating accessories

A mix of metal and ceramic pots, room decorating ideas

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