Creative Design Ideas for Expandable Planters Growing with Plants

expandable flower pots design ideas

Origami art inspired expandable planter design idea


Creative design ideas surprise and delight. Growing with plants planters are very convenient and practical. These modern planters eliminate the need to replant plants from a small to a larger planter and make gardeners life easier. Lushome presents creative design ideas that transformed traditional planters into modern items.

Growing with plants planters re beautiful and smart. Attractive design ideas, convenience and functionality are blended into modern and decorative accessories that give a nice touch to home interiors or outdoor rooms.

Flower pot Growth is an original planter from London design studio Ayaskan. Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of origami, this planter is perfect for Asian interior design and modern interior decorating in any style. The unique planter expands with the growing plant.

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Colorful shallow planters showing multifunctional design idea

Origami art inspired expandable planter design idea
Growing with plants flower pots, modern decorative accessories

The natural environment evolves and changes. Plants grow, flowers bloom. In the modern industrial world, many products are produced, used and thrown away, often without recycling. The expandable flower pots are designed to be able to mimic the natural ability to change and grow.

Industrial designer Emanuel Pizzolorusso has created more than a simple flower pot, which can also expand for growing plants. The silicone planter is flexible. It can bent down its edge for small plants and expand for bigger plants.

Silicone planters

Korean industrial designer Ding Liu based his design idea on collapsible buckets and made cloth planter which can grow with plants.

Cloth planter expandable for growing plants
Creative planter design idea

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