Colorful Shallow Planters for Succulents Showing Practical Multifunctional Design

metal shallow planters for home decorating

Shallow planters in bright colors for home decorating


These colorful shallow planters by Steel Life show multifunctional and practical design. They are perfect for succulents and make bright home decorations.You can grow vegetables and decorate your home with flowers, or use the stands as containers. Lushome presents this interesting and practical design idea.

Bright cascades of climbing nasturtium flowers will look great in these shallow planters also. Any short-root plants and house plants will feel happy. Even bamboo and money tree, vegetables and berries can be grown in these retro modern planters.

Attractive shape and bright color turn the planters into stylish home decorations. The legs have rubber footings and there is an optional drain hole to make the adjustment for different needs. Ideal for succulent plants or cacti, these shallow planters can help create beautiful mini garden design.

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Colorful shallow planters

Shallow planters in bright colors for home decorating

With soil or rocks, the shallow planters make wonderful accents. Made of powder-coated steel, they are super easy to clean and will look great for years. Available in citrus orange, frost white, classy black, citrine red and sky blue colors, the shallow containers show multifunctional design and can be used for attractive storage.

The clean lines, geometric forms of bowls, three legs design and color make these planters excellent home decorations.

Shallow planters and containers on three legs

  by Ena Russ   

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