55 Excellent Space Saving Ideas, Practical Home Staging Tips for Your Small Rooms

console table wicker baskets

Adding modern baskets to existing furniture, decluttering, organizing small spaces

Simple, space-saving ideas offer fantastic, attractive, and practical design solutions for tiny homes, wood cabins, garages, and garden sheds. Here are design ideas and easy-to-follow home staging tips from the Lushome collection that provides great inspiration to save money while organizing and expanding your living spaces. These space-saving ideas are not only exciting and creative but unique and modern.

You can spy on all these space-saving solutions and refresh your living spaces, balconies, and backyard designs while improving the overlook look and feel of your home. These space-saving ideas are versatile and suitable for urban homes, summer cottages, country houses, balcony decorating, art studios, and garden sheds. You can use these space-saving ideas to organize your closets and beautify patio or balcony decorating.

Stylish entryway ideas, home staging tips for small spaces

Transformer furniture design ideas, space-saving furnishings for small apartments and homes

Cozy bedroom designs, home staging tips to maximize small rooms

Space-saving ideas and home staging tips

Corner furniture and vertical storage, small home office design idea

1. Use a sofa, chair, bed, or ottoman with storage space. Set up a seating area while adding storage space at the same time.

Small spaces, under-stair sofa with storage drawers

2. Bed transformers are excellent space-saving ideas for decorating small apartments, homes, and cottages. Loft beds are another perfect solution for small spaces.

Transformer furniture, space-saving ideas

3. Choose small items and redesign furniture to fit perfectly into your space while creating unique furnishings. Change details to match your interior design style and efficiently utilize the precious available space.

Narrow chests of drawers, cabinets, and shelves, space-saving ideas for decorating small apartments, homes, cottages

4. Expand small spaces with large mirrors.

Large wall mirror, small bathroom decor

5. To save money, give new life to old things. Do not rush to throw away vintage furniture or decor items. For example, an old Singer sewing machine, bike, or wooden stool comes in handy for designing a statement bathroom sink.

Original DIY space-saving ideas for small bathroom design

6. Start enjoying room makeover projects.

Home staging tips for small spaces, white decorating ideas

How to visually stretch small rooms with light

Transformer furniture design trends in modern tables

Get creative with existing home furnishings and new items to refresh your interior design while saving money and achieving a fresh look.

Room dividers for small spaces, bookshelves

7. Create vertical storage. Add budget shelves to your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, and other spaces. Handmade wall shelves are ideal space-saving ideas that save money and personalize the environment.

Small home office design, window desk, storage cabinets

8. Sliding doors are excellent space-saving ideas.

Sliding door, red accents

9. Small bathroom fixtures in rectangular shapes are ideal space-savers.

Space-saving shower design and small bathroom sink

10. Storage furniture, plastic containers, and bins on wheels allow creating additional space where you need it at the moment.

Small kitchen storage bins on wheels

11. Consider folding furniture.

Folding furniture, space-saving ideas for small rooms

12. Use baskets and bins to declutter and organize small spaces.

Adding modern baskets to existing furniture, decluttering, organizing small spaces
Modern storage shelves and cabinets
Space-saving living room furniture
Folding table and wall mirror, transformer furniture for decorating small apartments and homes

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