Space Saving Ideas and White Decorating, Home Staging Tips for Small Apartments in Scandinavian Style

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Space-saving coffee tables


Decorating small apartments and homes calls for clutter-free room design and light interior colors. Perfect for many people who live in small rooms, space-saving solutions, Scandinavian style, and bright lights are modern ideas that visually stretch home interiors. Small spaces can feel as homey, functional, and cozy as spacious home interiors despite their sizes. Here are Lushome home staging tips and decorating tricks for small apartments and homes.

Having a small space to live in has a lot of challenges when it comes to making it comfortable and a lot of advantages when it comes to paying the rent and other living costs. Choosing the right color, decor, lighting, and room furniture can make your small rooms have a spacious feel. The Scandinavian style, bringing functionality, elegant simplicity, and brightness, is a great inspiration for decorating small apartments and homes.

Small home staging tips

Scandinavian style decorating for small apartments and homes

Decorating small apartments

In small spaces, light, soft, and monochromatic colors give home interiors a more expansive, brighter look and visual continuity. Room furniture pieces that blend with interior colors and match wall color are ideal for furnishing small rooms. To create an open space feel and breezy design, accessorize small spaces in moderation. Keep window curtains light and simple, and avoid bulky and solid furniture pieces with hidden legs. Mirrors are fantastic decor accessories that create a more spacious illusion in small rooms. Glass top tables and wall shelves amplify the effect.

Space-saving ideas, modern interior design with a loft bed

Space-saving ideas

Folding and stacking tables, stools, and multifunctional furniture pieces, like ottomans and sofas with storage spaces, are excellent ideas for decorating small apartments and homes.

Space-saving coffee tables

Traffic and walkways

Eliminate obstructions and create an easy-to-use furniture arrangement that improves the interior design functionality. Efficient furniture arrangement allows a nice view of a room. Move room furniture away from the windows and use space-saving ideas and compact home appliances for small home staging. The further you can see into a room and through a space and the floor, the larger small rooms look.

Open space, neutral interior colors, small room decorating

Efficient lighting

A well-lit space looks bright, airy, and spacious. You can use full-spectrum bulbs to light your small rooms efficiently. Open windows bring an expansive, contemporary vibe into the living spaces, and natural light magnifies the beauty of the comfortable interior design. Light cool colors work wonders with lighting fixtures and give even tiny rooms an airy open feel. Choose soft tones for lightweight curtains and work with modern lighting design to illuminate all corners of small spaces to create a pleasant optical illusion of a fabulous room.

Open windows and white decorating ideas in Scandinavian style


Less is more. It is the motto of efficient and modern home staging. Small spaces easily get congested with things. Getting rid of clutter and organization make home interiors seem bigger. Shelves, boxes, and bins are inexpensive and effective space-saving ideas for organizing and staging home interiors for a stress-free lifestyle and comfort.

Decluttering and interior decorating in light neutral colors

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