50 Green Design Ideas to Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle for Creative Home Decorating

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wooden mirror frame
Recycling decorative window frames for original framed mirrors


Recycling ideas offer fantastic DIY projects to turn old, broken things into new and modern. Many items can be recycled and upcycled at the end of their useful life, transforming into unique furniture, decor accessories, and lighting. Wood and metal are ideal materials for recycling. Check out the Lushome collection of creative and Green ideas to reuse and recycle ordinary things for original masterpieces. See if you have something at home to give it a new life, enjoy Green living projects, and decorate your home with eye-catching pieces.

Most furniture used in homes and offices is perfect for recycling or upcycling. You only need a unique design idea to create something useful, new, and modern from an old furnishing. Many people reuse and recycle common household materials such as paper, plastic, metal cans, glass bottles, and leftover pieces of wood or fabrics. There are numerous ways of recycling and upcycling your old furniture as well. Millions of household items are sent to landfills yearly, and creative recycling helps decrease this number.

Fabulous glass recycling ideas to reuse empty bottles in home decorating

Recycling corks for furniture and decor accessories

Plastic straw recycling ideas

Recycling and upcycling ideas for home decorating

Recycling for handmade wood furniture, side table

Instead of kicking old things to the curb for a trash truck to pick up and move to a landfill, reuse items, recycle materials, and upcycle to create original and eco-friendly home furnishings. Donate or sell your items if you have no time for such projects.

Ingenious small storage ideas, repurposing projects for home organizing

Original ways to reuse and recycle, repurposing colanders for blooming home decorations

Fantastic recycling ideas, repurposing pianos for original computer desks


The easiest way to give a new life to existing items is to repurpose them. You can use broken rakes as storage racks, turn old sinks into garden containers for growing flowers, and transform old wheels into door decorations. Old furniture can work as plant stands, and wooden boxes for storage make perfect cat beds.

Painting wood for creative recycling projects


Before you get rid of your things, consider upcycling, refinishing, reupholstering, or painting your furniture to give it a brand-new, impressive, and original look. You can pay a professional restoration expert or go the DIY project route. Contemporary designs or ideas in retro styles offer fantastic ways to recycle and upcycle old items.

Repurposing a piano, creative shelves


You can recycle the material itself. Wood, metal, glass, and some recyclable materials are perfect for recycling. You can turn the items into something innovative and unique while saving the planet.

DIY garden bed
Original door decoration, metal wheel wreath with flowers
Upcycling garden rakes, small wall racks
Recycling decorative window frames for original framed mirrors

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