5 Smart Ways to Improve Home Staging for Sale and Boost Home Values

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brick walls home with gray painted front door and beautiful landscaping
Front yard landscaping and house exterior painting ideas to improve curb appeal and boost home values


Home staging is an art of making properties to look attractive, be comfortable and demonstrate functional and modern home interiors, perfect for contemporary, stress-free and pleasant lifestyle. Simple things that you can do can quickly improve home appeal and raise home values while paying for themselves many times over and helping sell your home fast and for a better market price.

Smart ways to improve your house appeal and home staging tips can help beautify your property, prepare a great presentation and raise your home values. Beautiful, clean and modern homes are attractive and desirable. Cleaning , repairing and decorating your property in elegant and modern style helps selling your home fast and for a better market price.

Lushome shares simple home staging tips to turn your attention to important elements and details which can add hundreds of dollars to your home sale price. Attractive, clean and modern homes inspire confidence in buyers. There are a few easy and inexpensive ideas that can help to transform and style properties for sale.

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1. Decluttering and cleaning up, home staging for sale

Cleaning, decluttering and home staging for sale

Nothing makes a home attractive and bright than shiny clean surfaces and spaces. A good cleaning from top to bottom transforms properties for sale and allow the potential buys to get in and enjoy airy, clutter-free, fresh and welcoming home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

2. Improving curb appeal

A fresh coat of paint for your front door decoration and new hardware, manicured flower beds and clutter-free lawns improve curb appeal and raise home values. Every smart investment that improves your home curb appeal adds up to three time more money to your home value.

Front yard landscaping and house exterior painting ideas to improve curb appeal and boost home values

Neat and clean outside spaces, organized bins and beautiful lawns create a good impression and make properties for sale look attractive to potential buys. Getting rid of clutter, debris and useless things create open, inviting and beautiful homes that people want to buy.

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Front door colors and neat yard landscaping ideas, simple home staging tips

3. Changing damaged hardware, appliances and fixtures

New bathroom fixtures, home staging tips to increase home values

Making sure all handles and fixtures on the doors, closets and cupboards in your home are in good conditions and work perfectly shows that you took good care of your property. Such a small thing, like a switch or a broken closet rode can set the tone for the house viewing. The small investments for repairing hardware bring up to 75 % in return, raising home values and improving the look.

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4. Decluttering and organizing to create more spacious home interiors

Well organized and clutter free rooms with clean windows look bright and pleasant. Light colors, plenty of daylight and efficient lighting fixtures transform even small living spaces into airy, spacious and modern home interiors.

Staging home interiors with light coming from large windows and light neutral colors

5. Yard landscaping ideas for home staging

Spectacular gardens and gorgeous patio designs are wonderful for selling properties faster and for better money, but even small landscaping ideas can dramatically improve outdoor living spaces and increase home values. Some resodding, sweeping and tidying up can make a big difference and create a very presentable outdoor landscape views.

Stone patio ideas, backyard landscaping and home staging

A good power wash for a wooden deck and a varnish coat refresh outdoor living spaces and improve home appeal. Remove any patches of grass between patio stones, cleaning paths and and getting rid of clutter are very effective and simple home staging ideas that raise home values.

Home staging for sale, porch decorating ideas

A few potted plants are always a plus, and your privacy fencing or evergreen shrubs should be in tip top shape for your house presentation and quick sale. Every dollar spend on yard landscaping pays back three times more in increasing home values.

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