4 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas and Color Schemes, Quick Room Makeovers

modern bathroom decorating ideas and pictures of room makeovers


Modern bathroom decorating ideas from a Danish decorator are great ways to transform small bathroom into attractive, functional and comfortable room. Four beautiful and stylish bathroom color schemes and professional tips can be used for selecting modern bathroom colors and interior design trends for quick room makeovers as the seasons changes, for fresh bathroom decorating in rented apartments and homes, interior redesign, decorating and home staging to sell a house faster for more money.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to create pleasant and modern bathroom decorating ideas with small decor accessories and stylish bathroom colors, turning small bathroom design into a retreat. White bathroom design is perfect for bringing more modern bathroom colors into the room, selecting one of modern interior decorating ideas for simple and inexpensive interior redesign and room makeovers that help pospond major bathroom renovation, says Danish interior decorator Katrine Martensen-Larsen to her customers.

Those who rent a home or like to change bathroom decorating ideas every season, who need to sell a property, increasing the home price, professional advice for quick room makeovers and stylish small bathroom color schemes are great inspirations for making white bathroom interior more colorful and attractive. White-n black bathroom decor, especially white floor and wall tiles are ideal for adding more interest to interior decorating with inexpensive colorful bathroom decor accessories.

Interior redesign and staging with decorative accessories

Home staging redesign for changing home decorating style

Personal redesign, you are the best decorator for your home

Small bathroom decor accessories, floor mats and towels, window and shower curtains, baskets and storage boxes, comfortable small bathroom furniture, like a wooden bench or stool with shelves under the seat add exciting patterns and colors to bathroom interior decorating. Floral patterns and bird feathers designs or dynamic stripes are wonderful for quick room makeovers.

Here are four elegant and simple bathroom decorating ideas for small bathroom design, that transform a lacking any interest white bathroom with white-black floor tiles, white fixtures and wall tiles into stylish and beautiful bathroom interior.

4 small bathroom decorating ideas and color schemes for quick room makeovers

Home staging and creative redesign to feel better

Green color is associated with spring decorating. Bright red bathroom decor colors are excellent for summer and fall decorating ideas. Black or purple decorating color schemes, wooden bathroom furniture and whicker storage baskets create cozy bathroom interiors in late fall and cold winter.

Green and white decorating color scheme

Bathroom decorating ideas, green wall paint and curtains

Green and white decorating color scheme adds freshness of spring foliage to bathroom colors, making small bathroom design look airier and brighter. Simple green and white bathroom decorating ideas, floor mats, towels, window and shower curtains look attractive, accessories, blending bright and pastel green color shades for charming small bathroom design.

Red and white decorating color scheme

Decorating rooms, redesign and staging homes in fall

Warm decorating ideas for rainy fall and winter

Yellow, orange and red colors of fall leaves inspire poets, artists and interior decorators. Red color is one of the most spectacular fall colors. Modern bathroom decor accessories in red color immediately attract the attention. Just few bathroom decor accessories, one or two round floor mats, storage boxes, flower arrangements, candles, foam bath, lotion or liquid soap bottle add stylish accents to white bathroom decorating ideas.

Black-n-white decorating color scheme

5 modern decorating schemes for fall and winter

Modern decorating colors for fall and winter

Shiny black, dark gray, aubergine and navy blue bathroom decor accessories, combined with black and white color scheme, make small bathroom design look sofisticated, stylish and elegant. Beautiful window and shower curtains with peacock feathers pattern bring modern bird feathers decorations trend, creating glamorous small bathroom design. Soft glow of candles add charming flavor and warmth to black-n-white decorating color scheme that looks perfect for late fall and winter.

Table decoration with flowers and feathers

Modern interior decorating with juju hats made of bird feathers

Purple stripes and floral patterns

Interior decorating, paint colors and furnishings in vintage wine color

Elegant deep red-purple (modern vintage wine color tones) stripes and floral patterns, combined with black-n-white bathroom colors, make small bathroom design feel warm, comfortable and luxurious. Wood furniture and small bathroom decor accessories, combined with wicker storage baskets add country style flavor to breezy and relaxing atmosphere. Inspired by summer clear skies floor rug and towels in light blue color create cottage like, light and pleasant modern bathroom decor.

  by Ena Russ   

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