30 Ideas to Use Glass in Modern House Exterior and Interior Design

house design and decorating with glass elements

Contemporary interior design with glass wall and sliding glass sections


House exterior and interior design with glass is beautiful, stylish and versatile. This timelessly popular and elegant material allows to create bright and bold home interiors, room dividers and contemporary glass walls.  Gorgeous applications of glass in modern interior design beautify living spaces and help create eco friendly houses that reflect contemporary lifestyle and architectural trends.

Glass wall design ideas, glass room dividers, sliding glass doors and large windows are great ideas to complete a beautiful home design or house remodeling project. Whether glass elements are used in kitchens, living rooms or master bathrooms, glass is one of the best tools to create unique, spectacular and modern interior design that highlight spaciousness and fresh feel of modern houses.

Here is a collection of 30 ideas to use glass elements to change and style modern house exterior or interior design. An endless number of glass elements styles in various sizes and shapes provides numerous opportunities to decorate house exterior and add fabulously decorative accents to modern interior design.

Glass block wall design ideas adding unique accents to eco homes

Transformer wall design improves functionality of apartment interiors

Modern house exterior and interior design with glass

Modern house exterior design with glass walls and large windows

The versatility, appeal and natural flexibility of glass allow to include glass elements, – room dividers, glass walls, large windows and sliding glass doors, – into traditional and contemporary design projects. Glass elements add modern vibe to large house designs and beautify small homes.

Glass wall and ceiling designs look amazing and unusual. Glass room dividers, sliding doors, partition walls and glass block wall design ideas are the most popular glass applications in modern interior design.

Contemporary interior design with glass wall and sliding glass sections

Glass mosaic tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom showers and kitchen backsplash designs. Glass cabinets doors and large tempered glass surfaces with clear or matte finishes are wonderful architectural features for modern home interiors and offices.

Glass wall and ceiling designs enhancing modern home interiors

Transparent interior design and space dividers to enhance modern apartment ideas

Recycled glass makes modern house exterior and interior design eco friendly. Reclaimed wood and recycled glass products are great for decorating eco homes and offices. Recycled glass is very sturdy and features a very glossy shine. Recycled glass is an attractive alternative material that help create sustainable home design.

Glass walls in modern interior design

Modern bathroom design and bedroom decorating with glass room dividers and glass walls allow to enrich interiors with creativity and contemporary vibe. When decorating with glass you can dramatically transform your house exterior and interior design. Glass partition walls, sliding doors and glass decorations bring more natural light into homes and create eye-catching accents.

Glass walls and big windows for no boundaries interior design and beautiful house exteriors

Partition wall design ideas and room dividers separating bedroom and bathroom interiors

Glass is a beautiful, energizing and romantic material. All glass applications let natural sunlight flood throughout the rooms, offering elegant and functional ideas to brighten up modern interior design and beautify house exterior walls.

Architectural designs and decorating with glass
Glass wall design and sliding glass doors
Bathroom design with glass partition wall

  by Ena Russ   

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