25 Modern Interior Design Ideas Creating Bright Accents with Neon Room Colors

modern interiors with bright accents in neon colors

Yellow sofa and pink wall decor


Neon room colors are associated with night clubs and retro styles of 70s and 80s. Neon room colors look bright and energizing, bringing a fresh vibe into modern interior design trends. Neon room colors are ways to create beautiful, stylish and unique interior design with colorful and unusual accents, giving the room a completely new feel.

Neon room colors are great choices for those who appreciate bold and original interior design and want to add an artistic touch to room decorating. Neon colors are vivid and interesting. Wall paint, wallpaper patterns, room furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures in neon colors make a statement, transforming interior design with youthful energy.

Accents in neon room colors add brightness to existing interior design and draw attention to selected textures, decoration patterns or unique shapes in solid neutral colors. Hot pink, citrus green or bright yellow colors can be used for room furniture upholstery, lamp shades, wall paint or neon lacquered surfaces. Even a small vase in bright neon colors create stunning interior design with this eye-catching centerpiece.

Neon room colors for modern interior design

Black and white decorating with hot pink accents, modern interior design with bright room furniture, decorative vase and lamp in pink color

Neon room colors express themselves loudly. Blended with softer room colors, they create cheerful, creative, balanced and modern interior design. Black and white decorating ideas, gray color shades, beige and dark brown colors are excellent for mixing with bold and beautiful neon room colors.

Gray, black and white decorating colors create wonderful backgrounds for stylish accents in neon colors. Painted legs of chairs or tables, mirror frames or bright lamp shades in neon colors, combined with home furnishings in neutral colors turn the room into bright and stylish interior. Lots of neon room colors in the room add a trendy night club feel to modern interior design.

Black and white decorating with bright pink color accents, black and white striped rug and pink details on white door

Cushions and vases, curtains or wall shelves in bright hues add energy to room colors and look fantastic with gray, black and white decorating ideas, beige and brown color shades.

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Neon colors are great for highlighting  unique details of modern interior design. Black-and-white photographs or paintings in neutral colors can be beautifully complimented by frame in bright neon colors.

Colorful room furniture, upholstered chair in bright pink, green and yellow colors

Neon room colors are not for everyone. If you experience difficulty with color design and find hard to select interior design color schemes, it is better to avoid strikingly bright neon colors. Neon room colors are ideal for those who appreciate home furnishings and modern interior design ideas in Avant-Garde style, and knows how to combine room colors for creating harmonious, elegant and sophisticated living spaces.

Modern interior design with breathtaking rainbow color combinations

Matching colors of wall paint, wallpaper patterns and home furnishings

Modular shelving systems adding fun and color to modern interior design

Bright room colors have always attracted interior designers and decorators, who love experiments and challenges of modern interior design. Striking color combinations of neutral colors and neon room colors create playful, energetic and modern interior design with futuristic vibe and rainbow charm for dynamic, youthful and cheerful people.

Modern wallpaper patterns adding bright accents to room colors, green painting furniture
Colorful interior design, bright yellow living room furniture
Yellow sofa and pink wall decor
Modern kitchen design in bright orange and green colors
Door and wall painting hot pink color

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