25 Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas for Modern Outdoor Seating Areas

outdoor fireplace design ideas
Contemporary fireplace design for outdoor seating areas



Modern fireplaces, beautiful ready to install or portable, are easy to add to any yard landscaping and create fabulous outdoor seating areas. Lushome presents a collection of modern fireplaces which includes many various styles and types of manufactured, quick to install and assemble outdoor fireplaces to choose and find the best fireplace design for every home.

There are fireplaces with structures made from cast iron, aluminum, steel or copper. These pits and fireplaces are manufactured to burn natural gas, propane and wood. Traditional clay fire pits and chimneas date back to the ancient times when they were used as ovens to bake bread and to make fires.

Modern fireplaces inspired by ancient designs are very attractive, unique and functional, adding character to outdoor seating areas and bringing a country home feel into yard landscaping. Contemporary fireplaces are convenient and novel, blending comfort and functionality with ability to move these features anywhere you want.

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Modern fireplaces

Contemporary fireplace design, metal globe

DIY built with stones fire pits and pizza ovens are the most popular backyard designs. These open patio fireplaces look beautiful with comfortable furniture and modern decor of outdoor seating areas.

Contemporary grills, charcoal and gas fire pits and patio heaters are wonderful options for outdoor home decorating that improves the functionality and appeal of outdoor seating areas while staging homes in attractive style.

Contemporary fireplace design for small spaces

Outdoor seating areas with modern fireplaces connect people with their primordial instinct. Today there are strong trends towards creating outdoor seating areas with fireplaces that beautify outdoor living spaces and allowing people to spend more time outside.

Tube ethanol fireplace design for modern interiors and outdoor seating areas

25 contemporary fireplace designs

Outdoor seating areas with fireplaces invite to relax, celebrate and entertain outdoors. Modern fireplaces, stylish outdoor home decor accessories, furniture and outdoor lights create spectacular and comfortable living spaces around the hearths and making backyard designs more enjoyable.

Contemporary fireplace design for outdoor seating areas

Choosing between so many different outdoor fireplace design options may seem complicated, but there are simple ideas to help make your decision quicker and easier. If you like an outdoor hearth that can serve not only as a focal point of outdoor seating area where people enjoy the fire, providing a source of outdoor heating, but it can be used for preparing food, you can look at modern fireplaces for gas and wood burning fires and multifunctional fireplace design.

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Modern fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor hearths working on gas are the easiest to maintain outdoor fire features. These modern fireplaces are eco friendly and easy to use. Gas fireplace design is very appealing and convenient. They are easy to maintain and move around to any destination, including a summer cabin.

Contemporary gas fireplace design for small spaces

Small modern fireplaces and fire pits are often designed to take them anywhere people go. These contemporary fireplaces are great for camping, beach picnics and summer cabins. There are many outdoor fireplace design ideas and fire pits designed to be lightweight and portable. Outdoor fireplaces include many useful and practical features such as gas or wood burning options, lids and grill attachments, spark screens and wheels, and can come in many different materials, sizes and design styles.

Glass fireplace design
Gas heaters for outdoor seating areas
Contemporary fireplace design for outdoor living spaces

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