22 Ideas to Add Poppy Flower Designs to Home Decorating

red poppies in interior decorating, wall decorations and accessories with red flowers


Fresh poppy flowers are very tender and do not last long, but they give great inspirations for home decorating with their gorgeous images and bright yellow, orange and red colors. Green and red color combinations evoke a strong physiological reaction. Inspired by poppy flowers, room colors feel exciting and beautiful, romantic and passionate.

Poppy flowers bring spectacular floral designs, add fabulous accents to interior decorating and spruce up room colors. Attractive, energetic, rich and modern color design is a very important component in the alchemy of any visual composition and home decorating. Whether it is office or home, bright color design has a direct impact on virtually every aspect of our lives.

Red poppy flower designs are charming. They add a touch of European design to interior decorating and bring an exotic Asian vibe into modern homes. Decor ideas from all over the world bring different cultures front and center., enhancing modern interior decorating in many ways. Asian, Indian, South American, Australian and European influences enrich and beautify North American decorating ideas, creating fabulous blends of old and new, and blending traditional into contemporary.

Modern floral trends in home decorating, red poppies on walls

Wall decorating with pink and purple poppy flower designs

Poppy flower symbolism

Red poppy flowers, green-red-black color combination

There is a beautiful tradition in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand to wear artificial white and red poppies on Remembrance Day to pay respect to all who died during wars of 20s and 21s centuries. Artificial white and red poppies make beautiful table centerpieces, adding their symbolic meaning to Remembrance Day lunch.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, red poppies are a symbol of the sun. These bright home decorations attract abundance and happiness, and help Feng Shui a home for wealth.

Wall painting ideas, red poppy flowers on white walls

Modern interior decorating with red poppy flowers

Red poppy painting with crystals

10 ways to add red poppy flowers to dining room decorating

Yellow, orange and red poppies are very beautiful flowers. They combine the splendor of green color shades and warmth of bright yellow, orange and red colors. A touch of black adds elegance to poppy flowers and completes the color combinations that are dramatic, mesmerizing and powerful.

White living room furnishings, red flowers on white wall, stickers with red poppy flowers

Red colors are one of gorgeous color trends in home decorating. Red colors are excellent for unique and spectacular accents. Wall decorations and small decor accessories in bright hues, including warm yellow, orange and red colors, add lots of interest to interior decorating and dramatically transform modern design.

Wheat heads and red poppy flower centerpieces, Remembrance Day table decoration with red flowers

Showy dinnerware and kitchenware with red poppy flower designs

When choosing home fabrics, curtains and decorative pillows, furniture upholstery fabrics or vases, blankets and flower pots, yellow, orange and red colors, inspired by poppy flowers, are wonderful color design choices for modern interior decorating.

Tile designs with red flowers, poppy flower designs

Bright, vibrant room colors, that enrich modern home decorating ideas with oriental or European vibe, turn home interiors into unique, stylish and beautiful living spaces, especially if these room colors bring meaning into interior design.

15 gorgeous red poppy flower arrangements and Remembrance Day table decoration ideas

Red and white dinnerware with floral patterns

Golden yellow, burnt orange and poppy red colors look fabulous with all green color shades and green pastels. Blue and purple colors can be combined with these warm hues, bringing balanced into room colors. If red colors look too bright for your interior decorating, try pairing them with larger home furnishings in neutral colors or neutral wall paint, floor rugs and modern wallpaper in light neutral color, which will help tone red colors down.

Wall decorations and living room furniture in red colors, famous paintings with red poppies
Red wallpaper pattern with poppy flowers, modern bedroom decorating ideas
Bed throw with red poppies, amazing crafts and decor accessories with red accents
Orange wall with black poppy flowers
Ways to add red flowers to interior decorating
Wall tile designs with red poppies

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