21 Smart Storage and Home Oranization Ideas, Decluttering and Organizing Tips from Experts

organizing tips and modern storage ideas for good home organization


Clutter free homes feel airy and spacious. Good storage and organization turn closets and home offices, kitchen pantries, basements and garages into neat and pleasant living spaces which Feng Shui homes. Here are a few useful decluttering and organizing tips from experts and life stylists that are great for creating beautiful storage spaces and home staging.

Painting your laundry room, walk in closet or home office bright light color, adding storage containers and pretty lighting fixtures create beautiful, bright and inviting living spaces. Storage containers and baskets are excellent organization ideas that transform messy shelves into something beautiful and organized. Painting a wall between shelves and the organized look add decorative elements to interior design.

To create outrageously amazing closets you can integrate in-cabinetry lighting, a 3-way mirror and an organized display of purses, scarves and shoe boxes on glass shelves. Everything is visible at a glance, so the closet feels like an upscale boutique. Angled shelves for flats and heels, organizers and custom made inserts for undies and jewelry create beautiful, functional and chic closets.

Smart storage and home organization adding style to home interiors

Home office organizing tips and storage ideas

Meticulously organized with see-through containers and labeled baskets instead of opaque boxes, allows to see clearly what food is inside and create attractive pantry shelves. Clearly labeled kids snacks in baskets at the lower level add functionality, convenience and organization to kitchen pantry design. Rolling can racks for canned goods and turntables for condiments are excellent additions to kitchen storage.

For avid  jewelry collectors a long garment area in the closet with inserted jewelry armoire and outfitted with shelves to hold bracelet forms, toilet paper holders to hold long necklaces, and a frame with hardware cloth to hold earrings are great organizing idea for small items.

Modern walk-in closet organization

Transforming a stuffy space into a stylish storage is easy, but requires some patience. Its important to create a space to manage important documents, including a storage furniture or a box for storing clearly labeled files.  Wicker baskets, white boxes and natural-hued files look beautiful adding style to open shelves.

Modern wardrobe and walk-in closet design trends

Home staging game Clutter Hunt

Shoe storage for staging a spacious entryway

Extra large under bed drawers are great for large stuffed toys. As a kid inches towards his or her teens the toys get smaller, providing more storage space for clothes.

Shoe storage and organizing tips

Decluttering, purging, sorting, and arranging sprawling downstairs space can turn your basement into a lovely storage room. Once you really dig in and clean up, you just really are motivated to keep it that way. Adding a play area to the basement brings even more fun into your home.

Attractive bathroom storage, creative storage ideas

Kitchen organization for home storage

Kitchen shelves decorating with food and eco style storage

To Feng Shui homes with better organization

Arranging your clothing changes your life, say Feng Shui experts. Spacious and attractive storage and home organization are truly powerful Feng Shui cures that freshen relationship energies. Feng Shui promises that donating nine or more items from a closet to charity will amp up personal support.

Kitchen pantry organizing tips and beautiful storage ideas

Creative storage ideas for better home organization

Creative storage ideas, 30 attractive storage solutions

10 creative recycling ideas for convenient garage storage and organization

Recycling plastic bottles and caps for improving plastic bag storage

Small home office organization
Creative jewelry organizer

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