15 Interesting Bed Headboard Ideas and Wall Decorations for Modern Bedroom Designs

creative bed headboards for modern bedroom designs
Spectacular floor-to ceiling bed headboard for modern bedroom design



Modern bed headboard ideas can dramatically change the way bedroom designs look and feel. New, fresh and interesting bed headboard ideas help turn beds into fabulous focal points for bedroom designs and create beautiful, stylish and comfortable room decor. Lushome shares a collection of inspiring bed headboard ideas and wall decorations that offer great alternatives for traditional bed designs.

Recycling and experimenting with things you may throw away is fun. Recycling allows to create unique and exquisite beds and to add interesting details to bed headboard ideas and wall decorations. Unleashing your imagination helps produce interesting bed headboard ideas and make wonderful wall decorations for your beautiful and modern bedroom designs.

Home fabrics and salvaged wood pieces, plywood panels and vintage picture frames, old bed headboards and salvaged wood doors can be transformed into spectacular and original headboards. Interior paint, decorative fabrics, especially made with natural fibers, salvaged wood and metal are fantastic decorating materials for modern bedroom designs and wall decor.

22 modern bed headboard ideas adding creativity to bedroom decorating

Modern bed headboard ideas and wall decorations

Spectacular floor-to ceiling bed headboard for modern bedroom design

An old wood door or a large window frame, a mantel or wall panels can fit perfectly around your bed. Recycling for making unique bed headboards and wall decorations with wallpapers, decorating fabrics and paper is a great bedroom decorating idea that saves money and brings enjoyment.

Garden decorations, like wooden arbors and trellis, wooden fence boards and old wood ladders can be used for creative and inexpensive diy bed headboard ideas and cheap wall decorations also. Sanding and interior paint can turn these salvaged wood items into stunning centerpieces for modern bedroom designs. Decorating picture frames and bed headboards with made of felt or silk flowers add that romantic feel to modern bed headboard ideas that set a wonderful atmosphere of beautiful bed room designs in vintage style.

Elegant wall decorations and modern bed headboard upholstered with light fabric

Home fabrics make unique bed headboards and wall decorations for bedrooms, blending feminine details with unusual look for perfect room decorating. Curtain rods and home fabrics can be used for developing very interesting and original bed headboard ideas or making eye-catching wall decorations that compliment creative and beautiful bed headboards.

Changeable bed headboard designs and creative bedroom ideas

Modern bed headboard ideas bringing chic hotel style into bedroom designs

Upholstered wooden frames and plywood panels, large pillows and quilts work well as bed headboards and wall decorations above beds. Home fabrics with attractive prints, embroidery or applique designs are wonderful ideas for modern bedroom decorating and making nice bed headboards.

Recycling oval picture frames for wall decorations, creative wall painting ideas

The place above your bed provides a large area for photo collections, artworks or handmade wall decorations recycling wood, metal, plastic items and pieces of home fabrics. Wall decorations allow to personalize wall decor and modern bedroom designs while complimenting and emphasizing creative bed headboard ideas.

10 fabric bed headboard ideas and smart ways for bedroom decorating

20 creative bed headboard designs and budget friendly bedroom decorating ideas

There are many exciting and stylish options for designing unique bed headboard ideas and adding personality to modern bedroom designs with creative and interesting wall decorations. The wall space above the bed is waiting to be utilized and beautified with unusual, exclusive and stylish handmade wall decorations and a bed headboard.

Fabric wall decoration and bed headboard for modern bedroom design in vintage style
Salvaged wood bed headboard, ceiling and wall decoration
Upholstered bed headboard and decorative wall panels, modern bedroom design in white, gray and yellow color combination

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