Inventive Ceiling Designs, Trends in Decorating Modern Interiors

glass walls and led ceiling lighting

Ceiling designs transformed from straightforward white surfaces to stunning accents for modern interior design.  Decorating ceiling is one of the trends that allow giving a modern look to our homes and show the status. White and flat surfaces are gone. Other colors, dark and bright hues, 3d design, contemporary lighting, classic and new ideas for using wood and decorative panels, painting, tiles, advanced skylights, and decorating with innovative and eco-friendly LED lights create fabulous ceiling designs that amaze and delight.

Innovative design is another necessary step you need to take forward in creating modern rooms today. You may ignore your ceiling for awhile creating beautiful walls and furniture placement, but great floor and ceiling designs can give your living spaces a unique, inimitable character and personalize your home in style.

room with reclaimed wood ceiling
Reclaimed wood ceiling design

Creative designs leave a lasting impression in the minds of those who appreciate originality. Materials and ideas for your interiors depend on your space size and architecture. Walls, windows, and all architectural features, as well as the interior design style, define ceiling design solutions, their colors, textures and unique accents.

Black ceiling design ideas

Glowing ceilings with hidden LED lights

Contemporary ceiling designs for romantic room decorating

Concrete and wooden beams, LED lighting ideas, modern wallpaper, bright paint, decorating with fabrics, tiles and glass crystals are just a few ways to bring new design trends into your incredible, unique and beautiful rooms.

bedroom w in black and white
Black and white ceiling decorating with wallpaper

Check out innovative and modern ideas below. From tray ceiling to wood beam ceiling, cove ceiling to drop ceiling design, these beautiful interiors provide fabulous inspirations for your projects. A surface above you offers a large canvas for creating an unusual, original or classy design which gives a room that exclusive look and exceptional feel you desire.

wooden ceiling with contemporary lights
Sculptured ceiling design with wood and contemporary LED lights
modern living room with crystal ceiling decoration
Crystals for lighting design
metal tiles in dining room
Tiled design
3d ceiling design
Living room design with 3d accents in white

dining room with wooden ceiling kitchen with ceiling panels

bedroom with accent wall and ceiling in dark color contemporary living room with concrete ceiling fabric draperies for bedroom ceiling design dark paint for ceiling bedroom with accent wall and ceiling painted gray wooden ceiling design white ceiling with contemporary lighting design ceiling panels and led lights ceiling design with led lights living room with ceiling lights bunk beds and modern ceiling design glass walls and led ceiling lighting wooden wall and ceiling design in living room with piano ceiling wallpaper

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 28.09.2017