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Handmade Easter Decorations, 22 Bunny Craft Ideas for Holiday Tables

colorful eggs decorations, spring flowers and easter bunnies

Easter decorations that are handmade with recycled materials make spring holiday tables look very interesting, creative and eco friendly. Lushome shares a collection of Easter decorating ideas with Bunny crafts, recycling paper, wood and fabrics or created with embroidery and applique needlework. Easter decorations, especially Bunnies, butterflies and birds, are festive and joyful. Delicious food, family fun and creative Easter…

Going Green, Modern Interior Decorating with Glass and Green Wall Design

modern interior design and wall decorating with green plants

Green wall design is a modern interior decorating idea that provide a quick face-lift and transform empty walls. Going Green with vertical gardens and Green wall design add a natural feel to modern interior decorating and create spectacular contemporary wall art. Lushome collected 20 Green wall design ideas that are amazing and modern. Green wall design changes the look of…

Contemporary House Design with Exterior Ceramic Panels and Wood Decor

modern interiors with wooden walls and contemporary furniture

Fatima House design is a work by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza. The modern house with spectacular glass walls, exterior ceramic panels, modern interiors and creative wooden decor is located in Mexico City. Lushome shares a few pictures of unique house exterior and amazing home interiors. The modern family home feature comfortable architectural interiors and impress with warm and beautiful…

33 Reuse and Recycle Ideas for Green Home Decorating and Smart Decluttering

green ideas for recycling and green home decor

Creative ideas that reuse and recycle items that clutter your home allow to save money on home decorating, declutter living spaces and create attractive Green decor. Almost everything can be recycled for crafts, decorating architectural elements, furniture, lighting and home decorations. Here is a collection of creative recycling ideas for decorating interiors and outdoor rooms. Recycling is a great way…

30 Ideas to Use Glass in Modern House Exterior and Interior Design

house design and decorating with glass elements

House exterior and interior design with glass is beautiful, stylish and versatile. This timelessly popular and elegant material allows to create bright and bold home interiors, room dividers and contemporary glass walls.¬† Gorgeous applications of glass in modern interior design beautify living spaces and help create eco friendly houses that reflect contemporary lifestyle and architectural trends. Glass wall design ideas,…

Recycling Egg Shells for Miniature Vases, Green Easter Decorating with Spring Flowers and Plants

recycling egg shells for table decorations and flower centerpieces

Recycling egg shells for miniature vases offer great ideas for spring crafts and make Easter decorating eco friendly, natural and interesting. Egg shell vases provide wonderful containers for small spring flowers and plants and help create charming table decorations for Easter and all spring holidays. Lushome brings a collection of 25 Easter decorating ideas that demonstrate creative ways to recycle…

Stationary Window Designs, 20 Window Decorating Ideas with Glass Shelves

window shelves with house plants and flowers

Small stationary windows or large window designs with sections that do not open are ideal for home decorating with glass shelves. A few clear glass shelves can create beautiful displays with plants and flowers, ceramic and glass vases or other attractive items that you like to see in your rooms, garden shed, green house, kitchen or hallways. Glass shelves are…

Creative Pet Design Ideas to Recycle and Make Chew Toys for Rodents

handmade chew toys and wood crafts to make wooden toys for rodents

Creative design ideas add fun to cages for rodents and help recycle wood, rope and fabric pieces. Making toys for pets is a great hobby that offers simple DIY craft projects for kids and adults, – for all who want to create truly playful environment for their tiny pets. Rodents need to move and chew. Simple, made of recycled natural…

20 Beautiful Flower Beds Recycling Old Cars and Tires

how to reuse and recycle cars and tires for garden decorations

Large flower beds and garden sculptures adorned with lush plants are beautiful yard decorations. Flower beds created with old cars, bathtubs, small boats and car tires are a great way to recycle and decorate your outdoor living spaces. Lushome brings a collection of recycling ideas for old cars and turning them into spectacular blooming displays. Old cars, tires and large…

Recycling Car Parts for Unique Home Furnishings and Yard Decorations

ways to reuse and recycle car parts for unique furniture

Recycling old car parts for unique furniture, wall and table decorations is not only eco friendly, but helpful to make extra money. Selling old junk car is difficult, but scrapping a car is easy, quick and profitable. If you do not know what to do with your old car, or can not sell it, then consider scrapping a car and…

11 Cheap Ideas for Recycled Crafts and Home Decorating with Clutter

recycling ideas for handmade home decorations

Cheap ideas for making home decorations while recycling paper, fabrics, leather, wood and plastic, offer a wonderful hobby that turns clutter into treasure. Today landfills are becoming over filled with household items. Recycled crafts and handmade home decorations that recycle metal cans, CD disks, old jeans or shoes are what we can do to help the environment. Lushome offers a…

Compact House Design and Cozy Home Interiors, Modern Eco Homes

modern eco homes built with wood

This small house design on wheels offers cozy, simple and inviting home interiors with spectacular views. Large windows bring lots of natural light inside and connect modern home interiors with the natural surroundings. Lushome shares the pictures that present this small house design and demonstrate bright home interior design ideas that turn small spaces into attractive, light and cozy rooms….

Space Saving Interior Design for Comfortable Life in Small House on Wheels

interior design ideas for small spaces

Small houses can be comfortable and fun. Thoughtful and space saving interior design ideas help create multifunctional living spaces for modern lifestyle. Large windows, natural materials and comfortable decor bring coziness and warmth into home interiors. Lushome shares a small house design featuring small spaces¬† that feel inviting, bright and comfortable. This small house on wheels are designed and built…

Green Design Ideas, Solar Powered Beach and Garden Umbrellas

umbrellas with solar panels

Solar powered umbrellas are ideal for homes in warm and sunny climates. As the sun starts to shine brighter, these beach umbrellas open and offer shades. This interesting model is proposed by Studio Toer design company and called Cumulus Parasol. Lushome brings this wonderful design idea to its readers and shares pictures of the powered by solar panels beach and…

Precious Olive Wood Creating The Millennial Console Tables Collection

solid wood furniture design, console tables with wooden top and metal frame

The Millennial Console is a collection of unusual console tables designed with large olive wood chunks and light metal frames. Using natural materials with all perfect imperfections, and creating a surprising combinations of innovative and original parts are the latest trends in decorating and modern furniture design. Lushome shares these inspiring console table designs. Made of precious olive wood, these…

Perfect Solid Wood Stools and Small Tables Created by Robots Recycling Wood Waste

wooden furniture, small tables and stools made by robot

Beautiful solid wood stools and small tables are created by designers Sasha Ritter and Armand Graham and manufactured by robots. Lushome shares this amazing collection Totoro that includes round stools and side tables made of solid wood pieces. Recycling wood waste for modern tables and low stools is a great idea that turn logs into beautiful modern furniture pieces for…

Recycling Leather and Wood for Crafts that Organize and Decorate Modern Kitchens

leather and wood craft ideas for kitchen accessories and home decorations

Recycling leather and wood for crafts and home decorations offers great ideas to decorate home interiors with handmade items. Lushome collected a few craft ideas, – wine bottle organizers, shelves, vases and pendant lights, made with recycled leather and salvaged wood pieces. All these recycled crafts are great for interior decorating. Salvaged wood and leather are wonderful materials for recycled…

Recycling Leather for Plant Hangers and Spring Decorating in Eco Style

recycling ideas for home decorating with indoor plants and flowers

Recycling leather items for various home accessories offers great design ideas that are creative, eco friendly and inexpensive. Recycled crafts help to declutter homes, get rid of old and useless items and beautify spring decorating with surprising and charming handmade accents. Lushome found these recycled crafts at and wants to inspire its readers to design plant hangers from leather…

Foldable Cardboard Tents Offering Light Portable Shelters

recycling paper for making cardboard shelters

Cardboard tents are temporary shelters, designed for homeless people. The tents are a simple solution for them, offered by Californian nonprofit organization Cardborigami. The tent are portable and designed for warm weather. Lushome shares this design idea with its readers. The tent is a shelter that can be easily assembles and disassembles. Created for homeless people, the design idea of…

Recycling Paper Books for Carved Sculptures by Thomas Wightman

paper crafts and artworks, carved of books sculptures

Paper sculptures is one of unusual and artistic ways of recycling paper books. They look amazing. Created by Thomas Wightman, these fabulous artworks are unique, interesting and surprising paper crafts that turn old books into great eco gifts and make meaningful home decorations of favorite books. Lushome brings a few of the impressive paper crafts by the artist. Inexpensive items…

Recycled Crafts Turning Jeans and Labels into Unique Home Furnishings

craft ideas to recycle jeans and leather labels for floor carpets, pous, curtains, decorative pillows and home organizers

Unusual home accessories are perfect for your home if you are an individualist. Recycled crafts that turn Jeans labels into floor mats and pillows add contemporary vibe, creativity and individuality to home interiors and feel living spaces with unique charm and character. Lushome shares a few craft ideas for all who appreciate original design ideas and have amazing patience to…

Recycling Glass Bottles for Lanterns, Glasses and Spoons, Sustainable Design Idea

eco friendly products made of glass bottles

Pure Bottle is a recycling glass bottle project creating three functional pieces for table decoration and demonstrating a wonderful sustainable design idea. Lushome shares this wonderful design with its readers interested in creative recycling glass and Green living ideas. This recycling glass project by Italian designer Lucia Bruni is inspiring and smart. The founder of Lucirmas company in Barcelona, Spain,…

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