33 Gorgeous Globe Lighting Ideas for Interior Decorating and Backyard Landscaping

crystal glass pendant lights

Globe lighting fixtures are literally globes made of decorative fabric, plastic, metal, wood or paper. Globe-shaped lighting fixtures are simple and universally appealing modern lights that bring organic design into interior decorating and backyard landscaping. These modern lighting fixtures can be cheap and expensive, but all of them are expressive, bright and attractive.

Glove-like lighting fixtures are available in various types, sizes, colors and materials. Globe lighting design is versatile and suitable for any interior decorating style or outdoor home decor style, brightening up your home interiors and backyard landscaping in unique, bold and effective ways. The globe-like lamp shades diffuse and block light enough for it to glow softly, illuminating your living spaces and providing beautiful accents for modern homes.

Metal and stained glass lighting fixtures are especially dramatic and fabulous. Antique and modern, contemporary globes or lamps in vintage style, expensive or not, they bring the exclusive heaviness and unique lighting designs into interior decorating or backyard landscaping, creating stunning living spaces.

Decorating with globe lighting fixtures

bedroom decorating with red cushions and globe pendant light
Globe pendant light for bedroom decorating

Torchiere globes and floor globes are excellent, functional and stylish interior decorating and backyard landscaping ideas. The glass lamp shades used in these lighting fixtures give a vintage style charm to your home decorating ideas.

Cased glass lamp shades offer creative and spectacular lighting fixtures for modern home decorating. These glass globes and cones are impressive and elegant, blending two colors of glass into beautiful lighting designs that produce one color on the inside and another color on the outside. Modern interior decorating with these lighting fixtures looks surprising, brilliant and luxurious.

modern kitchen design with island and pendant lights
Modern kitchen design with globe pendant lights
globe outdoor lights
Globe outdoor lights adding soft glow and harmony to backyard landscaping ideas

Adding harmony to interior decorating and backyard landscaping ideas with globe lights

Globe pendant lights and table lamps, large chandeliers and floating globes for outdoor ponds and swimming pools are gorgeous home decorating ideas that add a harmonious, simple and elegant shape to modern interiors or backyard landscaping ideas, creating pleasant, relaxing and stylish living spaces.

Elastic net lamps with LED globes, contemporary lighting ideas for eco homes

Fabulous fire pit globes adding unique yard decorations to backyard landscaping

The sphere is a symbol of balance and harmony. Globe-like, vintage and modern lighting fixtures enrich architectural designs, interior decorating and backyard landscaping ideas with the universally appealing, balanced and simple shapes in various sizes. Paper or metal globes add an exotic feel to home decorating, and crystal glass lighting fixtures create festive and bright home interiors.

globe shaped floating lighting fixtures
Globe-shaped floating lighting fixtures for swimming pool decorating
globe table lamp
Gorgeous table lamp in globe shape

The globe-shaped pendant lights and table lamps, large chandeliers and floating globes for outdoor ponds and swimming pools create an interesting look, especially when these lighting fixtures are arranged in a line or grouped together, blending various sizes or creating a stunning display with one size lights. Globe lighting fixtures evenly distribute light in all directions, creating gorgeous glow and adding pleasant, bright and comfortable lights to interior decorating and backyard landscaping.

Sponge lighting ideas from Pott, contemporary lighting fixtures

Globe pendant light by Tom Dixon, unique lighting ideas

Modern interior decorating with globe lighting fixtures

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Globe-like outdoor lights and backyard landscaping ideas

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  last updated: 07.05.2013