21 Modern Interior Design Ideas for Displaying and Hiding Your Flat TV

artworks and posts hide tv panel on wall

Modern interior design ideas allow to enjoy the focal point of the family room or home theater and hide a flat panel TV in elegant style, creating functional and attractive living spaces, perfect for comfortable lifestyle or home staging. There are many different ways of displaying and hiding a flat panel TV set, attractively incorporating it into modern interior design and decorating.

A customized TV cover with a piece of art or a family picture is one of options. Decorative screens and attractive curtains can be used to cover your flat panel TV also. Contemporary home theater systems can integrate the idea of hiding the TV when it is not watched and help create functional and beautiful interior decorating.

Contemporary screen savers, like those that computer display, can be used for adding a gorgeous digital images to your wall decor and make the family room decorating more attractive. Screen savers offer various images, from famous artworks to your favorite family photos, bringing color and interest into modern interior decorating when the TV is not used. The only thing is the TV is supposed to be on for long periods of time.

Modern interior design ideas for hiding flat panel TVs

tv with decorative wall panels
Decorative wood wall panels hiding a flat panel TV in a wall

Customized TV covers decorated with art works, family pictures or crafts are great options that save money. Making a decorative flat TV screen cover can become a fun DIY project that offers practical, attractive and inexpensive solution for this interior decorating problem.

Hanging your flat panel TV above the fireplace in the bedroom or living room looks great also, if you can design a frame that protects your TV from the heat. Professionally designed systems can slide the decorative screen and hide it when it is not watched.

tv cover with family picture
A family picture on a TV cover

Pop-up and flip-down home theater displays are very convenient. At the touch of a button, the screen can unfold from the ceiling or appear from a piece of furniture. An automatic system that moved the TV up and down is a great option for placing it at the foot of the bed.

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decorative tv covers with artworks
Decorative TV covers with artwork, living room design with a fireplace and a flat panel TV
ceiling mounted flat panel tv
Ceiling mounted flat panel TV, space saving and attractive modern interior design idea that helps hide the TV when it is not used

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  last updated: 22.02.2013