Modern Furnishings Made of Recycled Blue Jeans

denim blue color and denim interior trends, craft ideas to recycle blue jeans
Denim lamp shades with cut off patterns


Reduce, reuse and recycle are modern interior trends for decorating in eco style. Blue jeans are a wonderful interior design and home decorating material with gorgeous color and texture which enhance modern spaces. We hear about recycling everywhere. Lushome shares inspiring and modern ideas for recycling blue jeans and creating stylish accents and spectacular focal points of interior design and home decorating.

Blue jeans are a great material that designers around the world like to work with. Creative people come up with smart ideas for turning clutter into treasure, and designers show how blue jeans recycling applies to modern interior design and home decorating. Recycling blue jeans for modern home furnishings and accent wall decor, small home decorations and lighting fixtures not only helps to preserve the environment, it offers an efficient and cheap ideas for interior design and home decorating.

Ordinary people can help protect the planet by recycling, purchasing and using more items, home furnishings, gifts and decorations that have been made with recycled materials and natural fibers, including fabrics, salvaged wood and metal. Here is a collection of creative and modern ideas that reflect recycling interior trends in home decorating and demonstrate what can be done with blue jeans.

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Blue jeans in interior design and home decorating

Modern interior trends, denim blue color and texture, wall decoration

When you consider that blue jeans could have ended up in the trash, these ideas for interior design and home decorating look really amazing. So many modern ideas can be created by recycling old blue jeans.

Recycling blue jeans is fun, especially if you have a closet full of old jeans that are too small or worn. You want to get rid of the clutter and create more storage space in your closets. You can donate some of blue jeans and other clothes to a thrift shop, or you can actually give new life to these items and refresh your interior design.

Recycling denim for hanging home organizers, small office design

Accent wall panels, lamp shades, chair covers, floor rugs, throws, decorative pillows and hanging home organizers are just a few modern ideas for recycling old blue jeans. Creative interior design and home decorating ideas that help reuse and recycle are a great way to show the world how eco friendly, talented and stylish you are.

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Denim fabric and denim blue colors are modern interior trends in home decorating. Denim clothes can be repurposed in a variety of ways to create new clothes, room furniture, decor accessories, gifts and small home decorations.

Denim furniture and covers

Ripping the seams of the legs, or keeping the seams as decor, realigning the fabric or using blue jeans fabric pieces to bridge any gaps are smart techniques for creating new home furnishings and decor items. Deconstructing several pairs of jeans by cutting them up into pieces allows to create larger home decorating items. Inverting the denim fabric in various places help add contrast to the new design and gives a stylish touch to handmade home furnishings and wall decor.

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Blue jeans recycling for a purse, table decorations, home organizers or tote bags for storage are easy DIY projects that allow to personalize modern interior design and home decorating and give a contemporary vibe to your work or living spaces.

Decorative screen recycling old blue jeans, modern ideas for interior design and home decorating
Denim theme for wall decoration
Denim lamp shades with perforated patterns
Denim furniture, chairs and ottomans
Denim chairs
Denim wall organizers

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