10 Best Home Staging Tips for Small Rooms to Use Available Spaces Efficiently

glass hanging lamps for dining room decorating

Glass pendant lights, bright hanging lamps for spacious interior design and decorating

Space-saving ideas for small rooms include compact home furnishings, transformer furniture design, functional storage organization. Also, light room colors, clutter-free interior design, and bright lighting fixtures are perfect for decorating small spaces. Home staging tips help improve the functionality of interiors, create beautiful, light, comfortable room design, maximize available spaces, and add a universal appeal to the entire home.

Have a look at Lushome collection of attractive, practical and modern ideas for small rooms. Here are fabulous inspirations to transform small rooms into beautiful and stylish small spaces. The straightforward and effective home staging tips and interior decorating ideas will make every part of your small apartment or home look neat, organized, and elegant.

white kitchen cabinets and dining furniture
Wooden kitchen cabinets, white decorating and dining furniture

Smart, clutter-free interior design, space-saving ideas for decorating can turn a tiny room into functional, open and spacious. Compact furniture and transformer design create lots of space. Airy decor and light room colors stretch interiors visually. Large windows without curtains, wall mirrors, glossy tiles, mirrored room furniture, and bright lighting fixtures add more light and space to small rooms also.

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Paint colors for home staging, cream beauty adding color and light to interior design

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Home staging tips for small rooms

small living room design in light neutral colors
Clutter-free small living room design in light gray color tones

These practical and easy home staging tips give you ideas for decorating small apartments and homes, preparing home interiors for sale or creating modern interiors for comfortable, stress-free lifestyle.

1. Clutter-free interior design

Keep what you need for your small rooms, kitchen, and bathroom, and get rid of clutter, creating functional and appealing small spaces.

home office design with built in furniture
Built-in furniture and clutter-free white decorating ideas for home office design
small kitchen design in scandinavian style
Small kitchen design in Scandinavian style

2.  Compact and transformer furniture

Compact room furniture and transformer furniture design offer fabulous home furnishings and great space saving ideas for small spaces.

creative space saving ideas
Functional and creative space saving ideas for small rooms, sliding coffee table

Creating multi-functional small rooms or using small furniture pieces in functional zones make small rooms more comfortable. Small home furnishings or one large item in a room are two options for stretching small spaces visually.

transformer furniture design, folding beds
Contemporary transformer furniture design ideas, folding beds
folding bed with shelves
Space-saving folding bed with shelves for small rooms

3. Open window design and simple decorating

Open windows without curtains and simple window decorating with sheer and semi-transparent curtain fabrics or contemporary shades help keep small rooms look brighter and more spacious.

bay window seat bench with cushions in pink and green colors
Built-in window seat with colorful cushions, compact ideas for small spaces
small kitchen design with built in furniture
Small kitchen design with built-in cabinets, white decorating and open window

4. Mirrors and glossy tiles

Mirrored surfaces of modern furniture and large wall mirrors are perfect for small room decorating. Bright tiles in light colors reflect plenty of light into interiors making small spaces feel large, light, and pleasant.

large wall mirror and console table
Large wall mirror behind console table to increase small space visually

5. Compact home appliances and functional layout for small rooms

Small home appliances and functional floor plan are two great ideas for creating more space also. Bringing a washer into a bathroom or kitchen, using vertical space for a washer and a dryer create more space in kitchens and make kitchen interior suitable for dining and entertaining.

space saving ideas for small bathroom design
Open shelves with washing machine, small bathroom design
compact home appliances for small bathroom design
Small bathroom design with compact washing machine

6. Interior colors

Light colors of home fabrics and interior paint, pale pastels and contrasting neutral colors are wonderful tricks that make small spaces feel big and bright.

built in shelves for storage, ideas for small rooms
Space-saving ideas for small rooms, built-in book shelves
small bedroom design and white decorating ideas
Light room colors for small spaces, sheer window curtains and white paint colors for small bedroom design

7. Good storage organization

Well-organized closets and shelves, creative and functional home organizers and smart space-saving ideas for your storage organization dramatically improve the functionality and appeal of small spaces.

shelves for storage and organization
Light room colors and convenient storage organization for small spaces
contemporary walk in closet with sliding glass doors
Contemporary closets and storage, walk-in closet with sliding glass doors

8. Under bed storage

under bed storage ideas
Space-saving under bed storage ideas for small rooms
under bed storage solutions, wooden boxes
Under bed storage solutions improving small rooms

9. Built-in furniture

built in bed and light room colors
Built-in bed, light room colors and simple interior decorating for small rooms

10. Bright lighting fixtures

glass hanging lamps for dining room decorating
Glass pendant lights, bright hanging lamps for spacious interior design and decorating

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 25.08.2017